News Hub: Silicone Spiders and Private Planes

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News Hub

Tiny spiders and private planes – startup life is weird. Check out some of our top picks from the tech world this week.

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Creepy biomimetic tech set to revolutionise medicine

Wyss institute at Harvard is researching silcone rubber technology, based on the shape and size (1mm) of the Australian Peacock spider. The clever little critter may well one day be let loose inside us to perform medical procedures.

Watch it in action on Mashable

Oscar Health nabs itself $375 million from Alphabet

Now valued at $3B, the Oscar Health has received $375M from Alphabet. It will be investing in differentiation and launching new product lines to corner new markets. This includes Medicare Advantage in 2020.

Read more on Wired

Social media

Twitter takes back control from 3rd-party apps

The social media giant announced it is removing API access needed for push notifications and auto-refreshing timelines. Twitter’s aim is to build proprietary native apps.

Read more on The Verge


Sky’s the limit for ride sharing apps?

Blackbird is offering a new service -Hitch – which allows travellers to share the costs of fuel, rental and taxes when it comes to private air travel. Mashable describes the service as the Uber Pool for private planes.

Read more on Mashable

Google One makes its debut

Google One is now available in the U.S. market. While still very Drive-like, it is offering cheaper storage plans. Members will also get access to Google experts  24/7 and the service is offering a number of gaming and travel perks.

Read more on TechRadar

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News Hub: Unicorns and Robots

news hub content marketing barcelonaNews Hub

A look back at the news, views and reviews of the week. Including a $3M investment in an Android for Robotics operating system, a deep dive into building addictive games, and some top content marketing advice, this News Hub is eclectic, but certainly interesting.

Slack hunting for $400M: valued at $7B

Crunchbase explains why the unicorn is hunting for money now, citing a cash-rich market and a hot trend for mega-rounds, and shows why it has such a big valuation.

Read more on Crunchbase

$3M for MOV.AI to build an operating system for robotics

Touted as an ‘Android for Robotics’, the new operating system from MOV.AI will standardise how developers, integrators and manufacturers build and code “autonomous intelligent collaborative robots.” If successful, the company will do for robotics what Android has done for apps. The seed round was led by Viola Ventures and NFX.

Read more on Techcrunch

Will Progressive Web Apps change the game for dev agencies?

Described as a “happy medium” between native apps and websites, PWAs mean that B2B customers benefit from the best of both worlds. They are also fast, secure and always up-to-date, according to author Pratik Dholakiya.

Read more on TNW

What makes Fortnite so addictive?

A dive into the world of Fornite, a game grossing over $1 billion, with more than 125 million players. This article breaks down why the game is so addictive and looks at the Trigger-Action-Reward-Investment process.

Read more on TNW

7 Barcelona events you shouldn’t miss!

Don’t miss this 7 top events in Barcelona this month. The line up includes Freedom X Fest, which is happening from Tuesday, 14th to Sunday, 19th August.

Read more on Barcelona Startup News

Finally, some content marketing tips

Search Engine Journal maps out how and why you can create and use surveys for content marketing in this actionable advice piece.

Read more on SEJ

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Barna Hub: With Freedom X Fest and Coworkation Founder Stuart Jones

Barna Hub

Today, we’re all about freedom! We had the pleasure of talking to location independent entrepreneur Stuart Jones.

Not only is Stuart the founder of Coworkation, but he’s also the co-founder of Freedom X Fest – a festival aimed at location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads, happening this August, right here in Catalonia.

Full of workshops, talks, adventure activities and camping, it’s going to be an epic experience for all those who attend.

You’ll also be able to catch the Hubbub Labs team there. Between learning more about location independence and hiking up some mountains, we’ll be giving a workshop on Saturday (How to write online like a pro) and taking part in some virtual panel sessions. 

Over to you Stuart!

Stuart Jones Coworkation Founder
Founder of Coworkation, Stuart Jones

Quick pitch:

Founder of Coworkation, Stuart Jones, has lived a location independent life for the past 15 years. Combining his passions of travel and business he has experienced the joy and the benefits of living a life of freedom as he travelled to over 80 countries whilst maintaining his entrepreneurial ventures.

Your chance to attend Freedom X Fest

We’d like to offer you the chance to attend Freedom X Fest. If you are thinking about living a location independent lifestyle, but aren’t sure if it’s for you – you can attend the Festival for one day and learn all about it!

Pick up one of the 50 super saver day tickets at just €49.

Use the code TASTEOFFREEDOM when booking a Full Price One-Day Pass here.

Down to business

Could you tell us a little about your role at Coworkation and what the company does?

I’m the founder of Coworkation, where work blends with travel and leisure. We offer short coworking trips for digital nomads, remote workers and location independent professionals to exotic destinations around the world.  

It’s all designed to inspire – you will be working from some of the most beautiful places imaginable and connecting with other driven people. The Coworkation programme includes topics such as business big picture (vision, planning, strategy etc), lifestyle design and personal growth for professional development.  

Coworkation logo
What was the inspiration behind Freedom X Fest?

Our idea was to create an event that looks at how the way we work and live is changing, and to bring together the diversity of the ‘location independent movement’ ecosystem.

How and why did you choose the location?

The locations for Coworkation always need to be inspiring and unique.  I wanted the event for the Festival to reflect the fusion between work and life…one where we could have the work/conference element, but also one where we could have the life/festival element to.  I searched for a suitable location in a rural atmosphere, and in a location where we could add in different activities, sports, and entertainment (such as live music or DJ’s).

What are you looking forward to most at FXF?

To meet a lot of people who are leading some really fascinating lifestyles. To learn more about location independence, and to dig deeper with conversations about what work/life is all about – and how we can really maximise the opportunities given to us by location independence.

Is there a typical location independent entrepreneur?

The most common is somebody who works from a coworking space, or from home and cafes. Some of these opt to travel and live as a digital nomad, but only a small percentage of people do that – and normally it is for a short time.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up this lifestyle?

Learn about it as much as you can – there are lots of blogs and stories online. Try not to pay too much attention to those that glorify the lifestyle – read up, and talk with people, about some of the challenges and disadvantages of being location independent.





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News hub – August begins with a trillion dollar Apple

Hubbub Labs content marketing agency barcelona

News Hub

August is underway, our ice cream is melting faster than we can eat it, and we bring you another News Hub. This week, alongside lots of international business news, we’ve found content marketing tips, exit advice for startup founders, a new trillion dollar company,  and a chance to enter The Collider programme from Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Happy Friday!

Apple is worth more than Switzerland

U.S.—What a way to begin August, with Apple becoming the second trillion dollar public company after its shares reached $207.05. Its August 2nd valuation means the company is larger than some countries’ economies. Amazon is snapping at its heels, however, and may also soon hit the big T, too. PetroChina briefly broke the trillion threshold 11 years ago, but did not hold its value.

Read more on The Indie

Facebook promotes digital literacy

U.S.—Facebook launched an educational resource aimed at 11 to 18 year olds. It plans to help them focused develop critical thinking skills and appropriate online behaviour. Named the Digital Literacy Library, it explores privacy, identity exploration, security, safety, wellbeing and other key topics.

Read more on Adweek

High fives all round at Grover, after a smashing $37m Series A

Berlin—A huge Series A for Grover, which was led by Circularity Capital LLP. The consumer electronics startup has been doing big things in Germany – boasting 20 percent revenue growth every month. The injection will set it up for expansion.

Read more on Private Equity Wire

$100m for Freshworks

San Bruno—Freshworks has raised $100m in a funding round led by Sequoia and Accel Partners. Now worth more than $1.5B, Freshworks offers biz tools including IT management tech, sales CRMs and customer support software. The company reportedly brings in $100m P.A. in revenues. Ka’ching.

Read more on TechCrunch

What every founder should know about Exits

Benjamin Joffe talks startup strategy, stats and missteps. If you’re building a startup with an eye to exit, this is certainly food for thought.

Read more on TechCrunch

3 Tips to Increase the Time People Spend Reading Your Content

We stumbled upon this interesting article by Casie Gillette of the Search Engine Journal. There’s lots of good advice to get you on your way to producing engaging an valuable content for your readers.

Read more on Search Engine Journal 

Want to get €50K in funding + expert mentorship via a venture builder?

BarcelonaTheCollider_MWC the tech transfer programme by Mobile World Capital is searching for founders in healthcare, utilities, mobility or Industry 4.0.

For more info see: The Collider

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News Hub – The future is just around the corner

News Hub

Will you be appearing on the other side of the world in holographic form? Or perhaps you’ll be driven to work in an autonomous vehicle? We might not be able to predict the future, but this week’s News Hub indicates we’re quickly moving from science fiction to everyday reality. Read on.

Looking Glass

US – A new Kickstarter campaign from Looking Glass promises holographic displays in the workplace. It’s primarily aimed at graphic designers, architects, engineers and game developers working with 3D models.

Read more on DigitalTrends

400M for Dearcc Technology

China – Zhejiang-based electric car maker Dearcc Technology has received immense investment interest and has now raised a total funding of 400M to invest in development, moving us closer to a world of electric cars.

Read more on CaixingGlobal

WhatsApp update

US – New WhatsApp version for iOS: the most popular messenger service is testing new features that will change how we message on mobile. Exciting features are on the way, from group video calls to WhatsApp payments.

Read more on Express

Scandit raises 30M

Switzerland –  Swiss Scandit made it easier for companies to track parcels in a warehouse, through scanning software that can be integrated into any app to boost agility.

The leading enterprise platform has raised $30 million in a Series B funding to invest in international growth.

Read more on TechCrunch

Waymo partners with Walmart to offer a robot shopping service

Phoenix – Waymo partners up with American supermarket giant Walmart.

Head to Walmart in the states and you may well find yourself in an autonomous Waymo Ride. 800 stores are set to implement a drive and pick up service using autonomous vehicles. Collect your pre-ordered shopping in your on-demand robot car and get a discount on your weekly shop. Another move against giant Amazon? Looks like it.

Read more on Mashable

Event of the week

Digital Makers

Come and pitch your idea for an app at Digital Makers this July 30th at 19:00. Talk to the Digital Makers students and convince them to build you a prototype. Perhaps your startup dream is about to become reality?!

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News Hub – Google, Maccy D’s & Glovo

News Hub

16/20 July

It’s been a big week in tech news this week. From record fines, to multi-brand sustainability projects and investment in autonomous cars.

Read on for our top headlines and the event of the week!

All-powerful Android threatens the market

US – Google is fined €4.34 billion by the European antitrust regulators. It found the giant guilty of using the Android OS to illegally block competition. Google plans to appeal the decision in court.

Read more on NY Times

Microsoft and Walmart team up against Amazon

US – Within the next 5 years American multinational retail corporation Walmart aims to be a leader in the online ecommerce space, using Microsoft Azure cloud services to help it step up.

The two corporations will compete with Amazon on online retail and technology fronts.  

Read more on The Verge

$500M for start-up Zoox

California – With a $500 million topup investment, the California-based robotics company is now valued at $3.2 billion. The driverless car startup wants to enable driving without human intervention. By 2020 Zoox wants to launch its first autonomous vehicles.

Read more on StartupWorld

New cups at McDonald’s & Starbucks

US – Taking another step towards sustainability, McDonald’s and Starbucks are working on producing fully recyclable and compostable cups together. The eco-friendly cups, lids and straws are intended to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Read more on FastCompany

Glovo goes further

Barcelona – The innovative delivery service gets €115 million to expand its business abroad and optimise its platform and tech resources. Today, Glovo is already present in 61 cities in 17 countries and there is no end in sight!

Read more on EU startups

Event of the week

Startup my Rooftop

Rooftop bars + Summer + Barcelona = three perfect ingredients.

If you want to have a good time, meet new people and grow your network then Startup My Rooftop is right up your street. It’s being held at Sky Bar in the centre. Great views, food and lots of new opportunities.

Join the rooftop party and get your ticket here!

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News Hub – fines, investments and robo cars

tech and startup news
Photo by Hardik Pandya on Unsplash

News Hub

It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy week. We want to make sure you go into the weekend up-to-date and in the know with all the most important tech and startup news from around the world.

09/13 July

Moneybox raising €15.9 million to support investments

London – Need help with investing in your future? The smartphone app Moneybox aims to make the fundraising journey easier for you. Founded in 2015, the London-based startup has secured £14M in order to expand its service.

The latest investment round reportedly brings the total amount raised by Moneybox to over €24 million.

Read more on EU-Startups

Google & Uber invest in $335 million in Lime

San Francisco – Ride sharing company Uber partners with Lime and plans to offer scooter rental through their app. The company invested $335 million USD, with investment from Alphabet and others.

Read more on BBC

Deliveroo’s possible €1.3 million penalty 

Madrid –  The British food delivery company is under pressure from Spain’s labour inspectorate. Inspectors demand Deliveroo employees to have a proper employee contract instead of being self-employed. Unless Deliveroo can successfully defend itself, it will face an steep social security bill of €1.3 million.

Read more in El Pais in English

Snapchat team up with Amazon

California – An as-yet-unpublished version of Snapchat is destined to help you with product searches in future. Amazon and Snapchat are working hand-in-hand to offer a visual search facility, codenamed “Eagle”. It will eventually offer users the chance to explore Amazon product listings on-app. 

Read more on Fortune

Robo-car startup AImotive

Hungary – Vehicle technology company AImotive is developing new, cheaper solutions for autonomous driving. The Hungary-based AI leader aims to bring autonomous driving to the masses and is working with companies worldwide. It just raised $47.5 million from investments including Bosch and Samsung.

Read more on FastCompany

Event of the week

Workshop ‘Como crear un Plan de Marketing Digital Efectivo’ will show you to how to build and develop a great marketing strategy for your (future) company.

The workshop takes place July 19th (next Thursday) from 19:00-22:00 at the Café Coco Coffice space, come check it out if you want to learn more!

Note that this event is in Spanish!

George Chilton @ Freedom X Fest from August 14th-19th

George, the Creative Director at Hubbub Labs, is a guest speaker at this year’s Freedom X Fest. He’ll be giving a hands-on collaborative workshop on how to improve your skills and write online like a pro.

Freedom X Fest is the first outdoor festival of its kind in northern Spain and takes place amidst the beautiful Pyrenees mountains, bringing together freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe.

If you’re interested in discovering more, join the Freedom X Fest journey.

Get your early bird discount tickets here.

The Hubbub Labs Team hopes to see you there!


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Barna Hub: A Special World Cup Edition with Match the Bar

Talking with Match the Bar

It’s the day of the World Cup semi-final and we got to speak with the co-founder of Barcelona’s best football startup, Nikki Parsons. She runs Match the Bar an app that makes it easier for sports fans to find out exactly where to watch the game.


Nikki Parsons, Co-Founder Match the Bar
Nikki Parsons, Co-Founder Match the Bar

Quick pitch:

Match the Bar is the app that helps you find a bar in Barcelona to watch a specific sports match. Fans find a place to watch the game and bars get more customers through the door.

Call to Action:

Any sports fan can download our app for free here.

We have several bars that have offers if you mention that you used Match the Bar to find them (ex. What’s Up bar offers a free shot to anyone who comes to a match using our app). So make sure to let any bar you visit know how you found them and you might get a surprise.

In the coming months, we’re planning to add more fun features for fans such as discounts or check-ins to win rewards and prizes. Hopefully that will be here early in the next season of LaLiga.

Logo Match the Bar Barcelona

Down to business

How did you come up with the idea for Match the Bar?

Originally I came with up with the idea of Match the Bar when I was taking a part-time programming bootcamp at Ironhack here in Barcelona in 2016.

For the course, you had to create a website as part of your final project. So I started brainstorming problems I had living in Barcelona as an expat.

I’m originally from the UK and as a huge football fan, I often had trouble finding a bar to watch my favourite teams.

Unless you exclusively support FC Barcelona, it can be really difficult to find a bar to watch a match you want to see. Matches often overlap, so you have to call the bar. Or you search through Facebook and try to investigate if they will even be able to show your match.  I often ended up watching football at home on an online stream, because it was too much effort to find a bar.

This doesn’t just happen with football, it happens with many sports. For example, just this weekend the men’s final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament overlaps with the World Cup final, so if you’re a tennis fan in Barcelona, it’s going to be near impossible to find the few bars willing to televise it.

So, I thought that having an easy way to search for sports bars would be really useful for me and many people that I know. Therefore, I began working on “Matchfinder” as I originally called it and when the Ironhack program came to an end in October 2016 I managed to win the hackshow on a public vote.

As a result, I saw the public confidence in the idea and continued to work on it as a passion project in my spare time, while taking a lot of the courses at Barcelona Activa and devising the business plan to make sure a company would be a viable business. Finally, in November of last year, I left my job and started to focus full-time on what was now “Match the Bar.”

Who’s in your core team and what do they do?
The Match the Bar team
The Match the Bar crew


Our other co-founder is Alex Carol, who is our technical genius. He’s been working as a backend engineer at SocialPoint for over five years and has developed our iOS and Android apps during his spare time.

Obviously, in this business a website alone would not have as much success, so we’re really lucky to have him onboard developing the mobile product.

It’s a huge advantage to have him as our co-founder because we complement each other really well and can challenge each other for things we want to develop.

Alex has an amazing network of friends who are also developers and they often help us out with features just for fun.

The other member of our core team is Marguerite. She is out creating awesome relationships with our bar owners and getting people excited about our app.

One of the most rewarding parts of this business is that we really get to know our customers, and sometimes the roles are even reversed and we are in a bar enjoying a match as their customers.

So, we have a lot of opportunities to meet with our bar owners in person and talk with them, bouncing ideas back and forth about what we should do as our next priority to help them get more clients in their bars.

What is has been the most exciting thing about building a startup?

The most exciting thing about building a startup has been seeing it all come together.

We’re finally at that tipping point now where we have a good number of the bars on the platform, so once we add some better filters, fans can really choose a place that’s perfect for them.

I myself have discovered bars in parts of the city I never used to go to, and considering that the company emerged out of an existing problem that I had, it’s an amazing feeling to know that our team created the solution.

Now everytime people ask where to watch the match – and it happens to me all the time in person or on social media, especially these days with the World Cup – I tell people to download our app, it’s easy.

World Cup Questions

This has been a crazy World Cup with a lot of upsets and big teams exiting prematurely. What’s been the biggest surprise for you so far?

I think the biggest surprise was Germany losing 2-0 to South Korea. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, and even right until the end I thought Germany would suddenly come back into it.

Is football really coming home? Who will take home the trophy in your opinion?

I’d love to tell you football’s coming home. You’ve probably not heard it enough this week (haha). But, I think my money is on Croatia to win today, although I’ll be the first person dancing in the streets if we get to the final.

Do you have any favourite football trivia?

No, I’m sorry I can’t give you an amazing piece of football trivia, but I do love a good pub quiz (and it doesn’t have to just be on a sports-related topic). I recommend checking out the pub quiz they do at the Michael Collins, I always hear great things about it.

Barcelona Insight

What resources would you recommend to entrepreneurs in Barcelona?

I think entrepreneurs in Barcelona have a huge wealth of resources available to them. In particular, all the courses at Barcelona Activa, which are free, and to an expat like myself were of a huge help.

But, I would also suggest entrepreneurs take advantage of all the networking opportunities we have. There’s constantly something going on in Barcelona, and plenty of chances to meet people who can be customers, resources, sparring partners or just to learn something and have a chance to reflect. My favourites have been Startup Grind, First Tuesdays and the MeltinLab events.

I’d recommend people to subscribe to one of these online newsletters like Barcinno or Barcelona Startup News to make sure you’re in the know about what’s going on.

Do you have any favourite online resources?

Tools-wise I think there are a lot of great online resources out there such as Hubspot, Trello, Hootsuite, really for anything you might need to help you grow fast, but sustainably.

When you’re not watching football, what do you like to do in Barcelona?

When I’m not watching football, I’m usually playing it (rather poorly I might add).

I played in the Celebreak mixed league last season and that was a lot of fun. But apart from the world of football, I enjoy writing and I have a personal blog where I share not just sports-related content, but also startup lessons, social media marketing tips and recommendations.

Finally, how can we find you online?

Instagram –

Twitter –

Facebook –

YouTube –

Company LinkedIn

Personal LinkedIn –

Company blog –

Thanks Nikki! We’re keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed for England tonight!

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News Hub – innovation, growth hacking and funding

What’s new?

July 02-06

Haven’t had time to read the latest startup and tech news of this week? Not to worry, we’ll catch you up. This week’s edition of News Hub features a couple of must-read articles on growth hacking and blogging, another crackdown on fake news from Facebook, some huge funding news from a Barcelona-based startup and a lot more!

Everything you need to know about growth hacking

In this 30-minute podcast Sean Ellis, founder of, shares his own growth hacking experiences and successes. Alongside host Nancy Hencley, he presents all you need to know about Growth Hacking, attracting clients and scaling.

Listen on IBM

Become a better blogger

If you’re interested in becoming a master blogger, check out “The Ultimate Guide to Blogger Outreach” by Brian Dean. You can find tips and recommendations on how to reach a wider audience through boosting your SEO.

Read more on TheHoth

Facebook against Fake News

California – Marketing giant Facebook has announced it will invest more in the fight against fake news. With the acquisition London-based startup Bloomsbury AI it plans to reduce fake news distribution.

Read more on Adweek

WeDoctor – Amazon of Healthcare?

China – Not a fan of doctor’s office waiting rooms?

Chinese online health care services provider WeDoctor is striving for better and more convenient health care treatment. The company has recently reached a value of 5.5 billion US dollars.

Read more on DealStreetAsia

Disney working on robot stunts

CaliforniaDisney experiments with robots that could possibly replace human stunt doubles. The idea is to reduce the number of serious accidents on film sets in future. Check out their moves in the videos on TC!

Read more on TechCrunch

Audi bans side-view mirrors

Germany – Audi replaces the side mirrors of its electric SUV E-Tron with outdoor cameras that direct their images to OLED displays inside the vehicle. The future is here!

Read more on Wired

App 21 Buttons receives $17 Million Funding

Spain – The Barcelona-based startup plans to expand to the US after successful operations in Italy, Germany and the UK. The app allows people to post pictures tagging the fashion brands they’re wearing, so that anyone can shop their favorite piece. Great news for influencers!

Read more on EU-startups

Event of the week

When is the right time to raise money? Find out the ins and outs of funding, investor strategy, and how to raise money, followed by a Q&A session.

Book your spot here

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Top people, places and tools from the Barna Hub community

Tools and resources from Barna Hub

We’ve brought together some of the top tools, places and events for startups and entrepreneurs – as recommended by the Barna Hub community. Use them well and they will help you take your business to the next level. We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.

Top tools for communication and growth

Teleport digital nomad tool
Source: screenshot from website


If you want to move abroad for work, but aren’t sure where you want to settle down, then Teleport might just have the answer for you.

Julien Palier – co-founder and CEO at Daysk – is a fan of the tool, which offers a detailed overview your country of choice. Perfect for location-independent entrepreneurs: try it out and get a better insight into your next destination.

slack startup communication
Source: screenshot from website


Slack is definitely one of best team communications tools out there. We use it at Hubbub Labs and it also comes highly recommended by Gemma Prenafeta, CEO and cofounder of Sharify.

The platform allows you to talk and share files in real time. It also integrates with a number of key apps, making running your organisation far simpler. Best of all, it connects your team and community without having to resort to creaky old email.

Tim Cakir, a Barcelona-based growth hacking expert, also shared some of his favourite tools with us:

growth hack tools
Source: screenshot from website


Dux-Soup is an automated Linkedin tool for lead generation. It helps to optimise your sales strategy by automatically visiting Linkedin profiles, boosting awareness and increasing your reach.

discounts on business tools
Source: screenshot from website


If you’re interested in growth hacking helps you save some money. It gives you an overview of different software and shares the best deals to help you grow your business.

Source: screenshot from website


Another great tool is Phantom Buster which gives you ready-made cloud API’s to help improve your marketing.

Places for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Source: Twitter


Soho House is the coolest place to work for Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida.
Apart from the unique location and atmosphere this place offers inspirational events for its members.


Ben Nachoom – Co-Founder & CEO at OneCoWork heads up one of the best co-working spaces in Barcelona. Located at the port in Marina Port Vell, the company aims to bring together talent and foster innovation in a cool, work-friendly atmosphere.

They’ll be opening another co-working space in Plaça Catalunya very soon – so watch this space!

Right in the centre, close to La Rambla, the coworking space FIU House offers a cozy atmosphere and regularly organises great art, design and startup events for its members.

Entrepreneur resources

Guillem Soldevila the Founder and Creator of Brand Your Shoes recommends Barna Hub readers two entrepreneur-focused resources:

Acció Catalunya is ideal for people who want to start a business in Catalonia and need help with establishing an USP for their product or service.

Barcelona Tech City is also interesting for entrepreneurs – this organisation works in Barcelona’s digital and tech sectors and connects companies throughout the city.

Along similar lines, we are also big fans of Barcelona Activa, an EU-supported initiative that helps small businesses get off the ground. It offers funding, workshops, mentorship and a range of key resources for entrepreneurs in the city.

Unmissable business events in and around Barcelona

Coming up in August, Freedom X is the first outdoor event where “work and life come together”. Aimed at digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, the festival combines workshops, talks, and outdoor activities. Think Burning Man meets Web Summit and you’ll get the idea.

SheCommerce is a workshop for female entrepreneurs. Aiming to inspire and provide confidence to the next generation of women in e-Commerce, it is set to be a huge success. The event takes place on July 17th from 11:00-17:00 and tickets cost €59.

And wait! You don’t want to miss Fuckup Nights Barcelona – where failure stories, beer and fun come together. Come along to enjoy a great atmosphere, learn a lot, and meet new people from around the world. The next event will take place on July 5th from 19:00-22:00.

For more you can check out Barna Hub, our new series of blog posts where you can find out and learn more from different interviews with Barcelona-based entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs.

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