Barna Hub Interviews Dominik Pogorzelski from, European Top 5 AI Startup

Barna Hub

Barna Hub sat down with the charming Dominik Pogorzelski, Head of Product Management at The company was recently named as a top 5 European AI startup by NVIDIA.

Dominik Pogorzelski, Head of Product Management RestB
Dominik Pogorzelski, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup operating in the Real Estate ecosystem across Europe, the USA, and Asia.

It offers Real Estate portals plug ‘n play computer vision solutions, based on a proprietary Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network.

This cutting-edge AI tech can detect room types, tag property features and detect watermarks and logos.

Companies using benefit from boosted SEO and increased web traffic, improved user experience and conversions, and the opportunity to monetise 3rd-party logos.

So it’s all pretty high tech. 

Over to you Dominik!

140 character pitch:

“AI with an eye for real estate”. We give real estate portals key insights by scanning and auto-describing each and every uploaded image

Call to action:

Check out how AI is disrupting the real estate industry by playing around with our demo

Demo AI Startup Restb

Down to business

Restb logo

Are you really a person, or are you just super convincing AI?

I’m a definitely real person. Probably.

Hmm. Okay, now we’ve got that cleared up, what made you want to work in a startup?

For me it’s mostly about the direct impact you have, both within the company and on your end customers.

Things move fast and you can often go from conceptualising a feature/product to actually launching it within a few weeks time. You’re not just some employee getting a project from some department so that you can then ship it off to another department.

It’s also a non-stop cognitive challenge because it basically comes down to you and your small team to overcome any obstacle that is thrown at you. You need to be creative, scrappy and think quickly on your feet.

What’s the best startup resource or tool and why is it useful?

A whiteboard! If there’s one thing I learnt in my years as a product manager it’s the importance of visualizations. When discussing thoughts/ideas with different people it’s crazy how much it helps to draw things out. It really anchors everyone around what it is you’re trying to say exactly. Test it out it! Next time you have a discussion, draw something on a whiteboard and notice how many times people will point to it as they’re explaining their own thoughts.

Hubbub – that’s probably the least techie thing you could have said. We love it!
If you could have dinner with one influential person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Tesla, like the person and not the car. It’s really mind-blowing how ahead of his time he was. He challenged so many norms, both existential and scientific.

That being said, I also wouldn’t mind having dinner with Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla – the car and not the person. 🙂

 Hubbub – Elon, we know you’re reading. You know what to do.

Barcelona Insight

What does Barcelona do better than anywhere else in the world, in your opinion?  

Have a soul. There’s just something about this city that can’t be described in terms of stats or metrics. This city is alive. There’s a certain social fabric that connects everyone.

Everybody says ‘hi’ to each other. Everywhere. You can walk into the waiting area of a clinic and everyone will say “Holaaa” – you walk out of the waiting area and everyone will say “A deeeuuu”.

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?

I would totally cheat on this question and make a quick detour to Girona to have one more dining experience at Celler de Can Roca. Barcelona has a phenomenal food scene, but Celler de Can Roca is just next level. Sorry, not sorry. #nomnomnom

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Be patient, like veeeeerrrry patient. A NIE officer once told me with a straight face that I needed a private health insurance to get my NIE but at the same time needed a NIE to get my private health insurance. We then stared at each other blankly until I flinched, lost the stare down and went to get a private health insurance, somehow…

Also, find a good Gestor ASAP. Like before even booking your flight, no joke. I think officially they’re like accountants but essentially they’re your “how-to” guides for Spain. He/she will basically help you navigate this sea of maddening bureaucracy.

Hubbub – Absolutely spot on. Thanks  for your great insights Dominik. I hope we get to talk to you again.


Follow Dominik and online:

Dominik’s blog: social media:



If you’re not sure what Dominik means about bureaucracy in Catalonia, please see Intereconomia’s take on it

Barna Hub Explores Sharing Academy with CEO and Founder Jordi Llonch Esteve

Barna Hub

Jordi Llonch Esteve, Founder & CEO at Sharing Academy, is an airline pilot, entrepreneur, and educator from Barcelona.

We had the chance to sit down and talk to him about his startup tutoring platform for university and high school students in Spain.

Jordi also shows us how he created a viral video that reached more than 1 million views on YouTube in just one week. Pretty fascinating stuff, if we don’t say so ourselves!

140 character pitch

Sharing Academy is the first peer-to-peer tutoring marketplace for university students in Spain.

Call to Action

If you are studying in any Spanish university and are struggling to pass your exams, we have the tutor that will help you succeed. Sign up now at!

Down to business

Sharing Academy Jordi Llonch Esteve startup Barcelona
Jordi Llonch Esteve, Founder and CEO at Sharing Academy
What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

Like a lot of people who go on to become entrepreneurs, it was a matter of personal frustration and negative user experience.

I wanted access to a transparent platform that could put me in touch with a tutor easily, but it didn’t exist. When I see problems, have a natural impulse to want to fix them – and so I had to create the tool for myself.

It’s a great moment when you realise that anyone can do anything they set their minds to. When you start building something, and it all starts falling into place, you feel invincible.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

It’s definitely not a secret – but for me it’s Youtube. It’s an amazing vehicle for promotion. Anyone, regardless of budget, can create a successful promo video with very few resources.

I worked with my brother to make this video, which had over a million views in just one week, to promote Sharing Academy. As a result we got a lot of media attention, and of course it really gave our startup a big boost in its early stages.

The viral video (Spanish):


Explanation of the video (Spanish):

Of course, the videos are in Spanish, but you’ll get the idea even if you don’t speak it!

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

Time: If you have time you can do anything in the world. Of course, you also need to be an organised person with boundaries. Sometimes, when you have all the time of the world, you don’t use it efficiently.

Barcelona Insight

Sharing academy logo Barcelona Startup

What’s the coolest place to work in in Barcelona?

The Sharing Academy offices!

Hubbub Labs – They’re definitely cool, and you have a great location in the University of Barcelona.

Yes! I wake up every morning eager to go to my office. The co-working space  is part of the students’ residence at Penyafort Montserrat.

It’s a community of 500 students co-living and co-studying together and it fuels the young spirit of the company.

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?

I don’t have a favourite restaurant in the city. I’d probably eat a homemade meal at my parents, my mum cooks really well!

Hubbub Labs – sounds good. We’ll see you there at 8, is that okay?
What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Find a community where your business fits in. It’s very easy to get lost in dozens of entrepreneurial communities and lose focus.

The faster you meet your peers, the sooner you will start doing business and the easier it will be.

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6 questions we get asked at Barcelona networking events

Networking: Content and digital marketing

George and Dan at Pick & Pow’s Startup My Rooftop event at the Barceló Raval Hotel in September.


You can often find Hubbub Labs at startup networking events in Barcelona. Here are six of the most common questions people ask us.

1. How long have you been working at Hubbub Labs?

Hubbub Labs launched officially in July 2017. We’re a young agency, but George Chilton and Dan Shepherd have a lot of experience working in marketing, growth, public relations, content strategy and production, digital ads and media.

2. What did you do before this?

Dan was responsible for the success of one of Barcelona’s leading language academies and oversaw a 40% + growth over a 3 year period, serving over 1600 clients and managing more than 80 employees. He’s also a qualified teacher trainer, a forensic scientist and mountaineer.

George has contributed to Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web, Geektime and a number of other publications. He’s ghostwritten and edited articles and press releases for over a hundred of Silicon Valley startups with work appearing in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, InfoQ, Mashable, Variety and many others. He is also a regular volunteer judge at the Start-Up Chile Accelerator.

3. What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

We love startups and the energy and drive they have to build new things. It’s our mission to support and grow the Barcelona startup scene through content and digital marketing services.

Our team enjoys taking startups through the steps from strategy, content creation, promotion, analytics and testing.

When it comes down to working with you, we plug in to your company like another staff member, but without the hassle and additional cost of training and onboarding.

4. Do you work with idea-stage startups?

Hubbub Labs is setup to help you sell your product or service. While we’re always very happy to chat about your ideas and advise you, we prefer work with startups that are ready to talk content and digital strategy and that want to launch marketing campaigns. We are also here to help you populate or refresh your websites with copy.

5. Do you do service packages?

Absolutely, yes we do. But, rather than offering a one-size-fits all package, we talk to you, find out your business objectives and marketing needs. We then make a personalised content and digital marketing proposal.

We bill in advance on a monthly, 6-monthly or yearly basis, depending on your requirements and offer discounts for payment in advance.

6. Are you employing people right now?

We are currently working  with freelance journalists and digital marketers based here in Barcelona, the UK, the United States, Australia, Colombia and Canada. We love to hear from new freelancers, so drop us a line if you are interested in working with us in the future.

Do you have other questions for us?

You don’t have to wait to meet us at a networking event. Just drop us a comment below or send us an email via this form:


Barna Hub Gets all Foodie with Delhicioso’s Founder Rishabh Lohia

Barna Hub

Today, the Barna Hub team sat down to chat with Rishabh “Rish”  Lohia, the CEO and Founder of multicultural meal delivery platform Delhicioso! and we were taken on a culinary trip around the world.

Delhicioso’s talented chefs create healthy, delicious meal plans every week. Customers can decide what they want and how they want it, and the meals will be delivered to their homes and offices at times that suit them best.

The startup, born out of Rish’s passion for food, culture and innovation, is now operating in Barcelona.

Rish CEO of delhicioso

Rish, tell us what you do in 140 characters:

Delhicioso! is a platform that connects people who love to cook to those who can’t. A fusion of fresh healthy cuisine and culture delivered daily.

An offer to the Barna Hub Community:

Delhicioso! is pleased to offer the Barna Hub community an offer of a 30% discount on your first two orders.

Simply use the discount code “WELCOME” to receive your discount. There is no limit to the number of items you can order!

Hubbub Team: Thanks Rish! We’re getting hungry already.

Down to business

Delhicioso logo foodie logo
What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

Having worked as a consultant for a few years, I knew that a standard corporate white collar job was not going to cut it for me.

I decided then that I wanted to either work in a startup or to found one of my own. The excitement, result-oriented attitude and working in something you thoroughly believe in, makes all the hard-work worthwhile.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

Communication is one of the most important things when working in any sort of a team. We use Asana as a project management platform.

It is a fantastic online tool which helps us delegate and assign tasks, set deadlines, and share files. It also helps us make sure that the entire team is organised and on the same page with what’s happening with the product, what’s in the pipeline, and so on.

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

I feel if I could have more of something, it would be contacts. A superior of mine told me when I had just started working – “your network is your net worth”.

Money will be earned, time can be found, coffee is well…. just an excuse… but your contacts are worth millions 😉 I guess you just need to know how to make the most of your network.

Hubbub Labs: Ahem. Well, if coffee is an excuse, it’s a good one.

Barcelona Insight

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Think Twice and think hard. Not everything will work here. Barcelona is a very vibrant city with a lot of opportunity, but just as many hurdles.

What’s the coolest place to work in in Barcelona?

I like to work from Sandwichez, since they have great music and the wifi is reasonably fast. I find I can’t work in absolute silence and I blame my childhood growing in extremely crowded and populated cities for that.

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?

That’s hard, considering my short stay here in Barcelona –  I still have so many places that I have not had the chance to visit.

However, if such a thing ever happened, I would go to Foc i Oli. They have the best burgers in town and – I kid you not – I love burgers. I have tried a lot of places and there’s nothing like these guys.


Hubbub Labs: Great talking to you Rish, we can’t wait to try all your delicious creations!

Find Delhicioso Online






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Barna Hub Talks Entrepreneurship and Mentoring with Netmentora Catalunya

Barna Hub

Today the Barna Hub team spoke to the Beatriz de Vicente, Director at Netmentora Catalunyaand got some great insight into this inspiring and extremely valuable programme for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Netmentora was originally founded in France and currently comprises 120 entities in 10 different countries. The non-profit organisation has a 30-year pedigree creating employment through entrepreneurship and helping new founders to build and develop their companies.

Tell us more Beatriz!

Logo Netmentora Catalunya: Entrepreneurship and mentoring

140 character pitch: 

Netmentora offers a free mentoring programme for entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses & create jobs in their local communities


We work with a network of business owners and company managers who mentor entrepreneurs enrolled in our programme for two to three years. In this way, Netmentora arms entrepreneurs with all the know-how and tools they need to develop their startups, transform them into consolidated businesses, and create jobs.

We currently have a programme seeking entrepreneurs who want to make peoples lives better. Visit our website to find out more information and to apply for our programme today. Don’t miss the application deadline: November 24th 2017!

Down to business

What are the founding principles of Netmentora?
Beatriz de Vicente, Director at Netmentora Catalunya,
Beatriz de Vicente, Director at Netmentora Catalunya


We work under three premises:

  1. People come first – Human values define our network of members and entrepreneurs and the person is the most important thing.
  2. Founders don’t pay – The entrepreneur doesn’t pay for the programme and the mentor doesn’t invest money in the mentored company (during the period of mentorship).
  3. Reciprocity is important – Entrepreneurship is about giving something back. At Netmentora, entrepreneurs helps other entrepreneurs. Participants in our programme are invited to join as members once the mentoring period is over.
What made you want to work with entrepreneurs and startups?

There were two things that really motivated me. Firstly, Netmentora’s mission – to help entrepreneurs to consolidate their startups, grow their business and create jobs – was inspiring.

Secondly, the success rate of Netmentora’s methodology is striking. In fact, 90% of the startups that take part in the Netmentora programme are still running after three years and 78% are still operating after five years. Not to mention that each startup we work with creates an average of 13 jobs after five years.

How do you encourage entrepreneurship and develop startups at Netmentora?

We offer them three things:

  1. Mentoring: as I mentioned, we offer two to three years of free mentorship, which is carried out by highly experienced volunteer business owners and company managers.
  2. Funding: we also offer 0% interest loans of up to €25.000 to our entrepreneurs in order to help them find more funding.
  3. Networking: and not only do entrepreneurs and business owners become part of the Netmentora community here in Spain, but they are also introduced to many others in the 120 associations that form part of Netmentora/Réseau Entreprendre around the world.
What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

We’re currently helping Daysk, an app that lets you book an office or work space on demand, online.

It’s a really useful tool, especially for location-independent people, people who work from home, at coworking spaces, or even those who combine office and home work.

Barcelona Insight

Where’s the coolest place to work in Barcelona?

CREC coworking, for sure! It’s a cute space and really central. You have everything nearby, there’s a great working environment and the team is very welcoming and helpful. Most importantly, they organise a vermut on a Friday once a month!

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you spend your last day?

I’d probably spend it at the beach with my dog Señor. Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have the Mediterranean sea so close by.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Analyse, plan, and listen, but then take the decision by yourself and go for it!

Hubbub team: 

Thanks Beatriz, we can certainly get behind that advice!

Find Netmentora Online

Website: (Spanish language)


Twitter: @NetmentoraCat 

See more from Barna Hub:


How NOT to pitch your startup to a reporter

pitch to the media

In this Hubbub Labs Startup Academy post  Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor George Chilton gives startup founders some key advice when it comes to pitching their stories to the media.

It is easy to mess up when you pitch your article or news story to a journalist. Do it wrong and you won’t see results. And – more often than not – it will feel like you are talking to a brick wall.

Here are 4 big mistakes that you should avoid when pitching – and what you should do instead. With the right approach, you’ll soon see your name hit the headlines.

1. Don’t offer money. Ever.

Offering money to a journalist to cover your story is tantamount to bribery. Do this and any self-respecting reporter will add you to their SPAM list.

Other than being wholly unethical, it will make you look foolish and will show that you don’t understand how the media works.

Articles have to be newsworthy, not promotional. Journalists cover stories that they deem interesting to their readerships. Ideally, the content will generate clicks, ad revenues and will add value.

On the other hand, you should never pay a reporter if they ask you to. In fact, if this happens you should make a complaint to their editor. This is a serious problem for any publication, as you can see in this remarkable TechCrunch apology.

There is a caveat, however. Native ads – like this one on Forbes – are legitimate and support the media industry.

Bear in mind that these articles will be clearly labelled as promotional content and are not nearly as effective as earned media. In fact, only 24 percent of readers consume native ad content – and many feel “deceived” if they read an article only to find out it was an advertisement at the end.

If you do want a publication to accept a sponsored article promoting your company, by all means go ahead. But be transparent – and talk to the marketing department, not to a journalist.

2. Don’t send irrelevant pitches or press releases

Reporters have beats, which means they cover particular areas or topics. I like to write about startups, entrepreneurship and PR, for example. The day I was pitched to write about an Gold Investment platform was a strange one for me. Needless to say I passed up the opportunity.

Basically, if you pitch an irrelevant story it is unlikely that your email will even get opened.

While it might be obvious that you shouldn’t pitch a completely off-topic story, you should be aware that beats can get quite granular. For example, if you target a FinTech reporter with a new iOS mortgage app,  ensure they write about banking, finance and apps. They might well be focused on an entirely different area like blockchain.

You won’t be blacklisted for getting it wrong, but it will be a waste of time and energy on your part. It’s often a good idea to explain to the reporter why you think your pitch is relevant to them. It shows you’re not simply cutting and pasting the same template email to hundreds of reporters.

3. Don’t be too generic

Yes, yes. I know what you just said. There’s no time to write dozens of perfectly targeted and personalised emails to journalists. They probably won’t even read it, right? Waste.Of.Time.

You’re right, there is no time for that – and journalists know it too.

However, a Dear Sir/Madam pitch is taking it too far.

Do this instead:

  • Use the journalist’s name and spell it right
  • Add a quick line expressing why the story is relevant to their readership (in your opinion)
  • Copy and paste the rest of the pitch below

4. Don’t be (too) annoying

While persistence is a almost considered a virtue in the entrepreneurial world, there is a line you should not cross.

If an email has gone unopened or you have received a positive response, but no firm commitment to publish, by all means continue the conversation for a time.

But you should not continue to bug a reporter that has said no to your press release or article. They don’t have time to argue with you, and you’ll never convince them to write about your company if it isn’t a good fit for them.

So move on, or be sent to the bowels of their junk folders.

Need help with your pitch or press release?

The Hubbub Labs team is here to help! Fill in the form below and tell us what you need. We’re very friendly, we promise.


Barna Hub: Startup Interview with Spitche’s Matthieu Astarita and Kévin Markowski

Barna Hub

In this installment of Barna Hub we are lucky enough to talk to the co-founders of Spitche. Kévin Markowski (CEO) and Matthieu Astarita (CMO) have recently launched their brand new social media management and ambassador engagement tool all rolled into one.

As if that’s not enough, the pair are also the co-founders of the popular Meltin’ Afterwork Event – a regular Barcelona networking night where you can meet other entrepreneurs, startup founders, and a lot of great people.

Take it away guys!

Spitche social media and ambassador platform

140 character pitch:

Spitche gamifies social media management for brands & their ambassadors, offering rewards to fans who share content with their friends.


Come and meet us Tuesday 24th of October at the next Meltin’ Afterwork Event

Listen to some great talks and meet like-minded entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts based in Barcelona! Our partner AmoVino will be present as usual to serve you some top Catalan wines.

Down to business

Kevin and Matthieu from Spitche
Matthieu (L) and Kévin (R), co-founders of Spitche
Why did you want to found your own startup?

Before Spitche, we both used to work for large companies. Making changes or improving procedures would take forever and often needed approval from above. This lack of freedom was frustrating, because we are the kind of people who are full of ideas and want to create new things.

We like it when things move quickly and make things better for everyone. So we decided to partner and create our own company.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

For us, the best resource is our network and the people supporting our startup. We know people with a lot of experience in creating startups and successful businesses, as well as in fundraising and digital marketing.

That’s why we created Meltin’ Afterworks networking events here in Barcelona. It has allowed us to meet new people in the same industry who can give us feedback and also find potential partners who we can work with and exchange ideas.

The startup scene is growing fast here in Barcelona, let’s all hope it keeps going like this!

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

Definitely Time.

It’s horrible to see how fast the days go by – it seems like we don’t have enough time for anything. It’s essential for us to prioritise tasks every single day and make sure the business is moving forward. If a day could last 48 hours, that would be amazing.

Hubbub: Tell us about it!

Barcelona Insight

What’s the coolest place to work in in Barcelona?
cloud cowork
Startup Event at CloudCoWorking, Barcelona (Photo: Dan Shepherd)

There are a lot of places with great work environments here in Barcelona.

The OneCowork at the marina has amazing views of all the yachts. Then there’s CloudCoWorking, which hosts a lot of international events.

In terms of cafes we are very fond of Generator and Bicioci bike cafe in Gracia. But don’t tell anyone, we want to keep them just for us 🙂

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?


This is where we like to take our friends who come to Barcelona on holiday. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great Maradona Burger, stunning views of Barceloneta beach and some cool drinks.

Hubbub Team: Sold.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Just go for it! It costs almost nothing to start a business today – you can even do it on the side while working or studying.

Our motto is you never fail, you only learn! The only thing that you need to start is a good network – you’ll only miss out if you don’t try.

Leave us on a cliff hanger:

We’ll soon have some great news about Meltin’ Afterworks for people who are at the very early stages of their businesses.

Hubbub team: We’re intrigued! It was great talking to you guys. We’re off to MakaMaka right now. 

Follow Spitche online


See more from Barna Hub with this interview with Bida’s Priscilla Lavoie.


This is for entrepreneurs who want to create better lives for others

17 October – 24 NovemberNetmentora Catalunya

NETMENTORA CATALUNYA is a non-profit initiative for entrepreneurs and startups based here in Catalonia.

The private, European business network has supported entrepreneurial initiatives for more than 30 years, with 120 associations in ten countries.

Its mission is to work with entrepreneurs to improve and consolidate their businesses, in turn creating employment opportunities and developing local economies.

What’s happening?

The 1st convocatory for entrepreneurs—17 October – 24 November 2017—was created in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, a Netmentora member.

Among other things, successful applicants can receive:

– Up to 3 years of business support from experienced entrepreneurs

– 0% interest loans

– Access to a network in 10 countries

– And more

Who is it for?

The organisation is looking for entrepreneurial projects that benefit society at large – for example, initiatives that create jobs through the building of homes for children and older people, homes for the differently-abled, and the creation of innovative and sustainable environments.

How do I apply?

For more information and to apply for the programme visit the Netmentora Website (Spanish Language).

Follow the organisation:

Twitter: @NetmentoraCat

Linkedin: Netmentora Catalunya


Hubbub Labs is proud to support Netmentora Catalunya.

Barna Hub: Startup Interview With Bida’s Priscilla Lavoie

Barna Hub

Barna Hub is a new blog series from Hubbub Labs, shining a spotlight on the Barcelona startup scene. In our very first Barna Hub interview we are excited to speak to Priscilla Lavoie, the Founder & CEO of Bida.

Barcelona startup Bida app

140 character startup pitch:

Bida is Barcelona’s hottest new mobile app where members receive a free drink every day at awesome bars all around the city for 9,99/month.

Bida special offer:

Because you’re part of the Barna Hub community, Bida is giving you *ONE MONTH TOTALLY FREE* (that’s up to 31 free cocktails) on their app! All you have to do is download the app from  and use the invite code “BARNAHUB” at signup to claim your free month. This offer is for new members only and lasts till Oct. 31st, so don’t miss out!

Down to business:

Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Barcelona startup Bida
Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida
What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been attracted by entrepreneurship. My parents were entrepreneurs, and I remember being a “hustler” as early as 9 or 10 years old, buying lollipops in bulk at WalMart and selling them at school for a dollar a pop (until my teacher made me stop…).

Maybe this is a bad thing, but I see problems and inefficiencies everywhere, and constantly think about solutions to these issues. It’s just something innate to me, something I believe makes me who I am.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

Your network!!! I’m a huge advocate of making use of the world of contacts around you. I take advantage of so many opportunities to connect with new, interesting people. And with the proliferation of online social networks in our day and age, there’s really no excuse.

I think your network as a startup resource is even more powerful in Barcelona — this city is full of supportive, intelligent, experienced people who are happy to chat and help. It’s one of the things I love most about this city.

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

Certainly time. I always complain that there aren’t enough hours in a day — it’s the biggest stress in my life. As a result of this, I consider my time extremely valuable. One time, a friend was 30 minutes late to meet me for no good reason at all, and I decided to stop hanging out with her.

I also feel that time is intertwined with the other things in this list/question — with more time you have more opportunities to make money and grow your number of contacts, and more moments for coffee, of course ;-P

Barcelona Insight

Where’s the coolest place to work from in Barcelona?

I kind of don’t even want to say this here, because I want it to stay the way it is, but Soho House is hands down the coolest place to work from in the city. The inspirational atmosphere, the network of people there, and the members’ events are simply phenomenal. My happiness level has definitely increased since I started working from Soho.

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?

Damn that’s a tough one — there are so many amazing food spots in this city… but I think I would have to choose Enigma… even though I’ve never been, haha! I’ve been dreaming of that 40-course meal for the longest time. Can someone take me, please?

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Try to be patient. The bureaucracy and inefficiencies are no joke. I kicked a wall once because of how frustrated I was with the system here.

Also, try to enjoy Barcelona whilst you’re building your empire. I know from experience that, especially when starting a new company, you want to put your entire heart and soul into it, and can easily get lost in your work, leaving no time for real life. I also know from experience that if you do this in Barcelona, you’ll get so caught up in the negative aspects of doing business here that you’ll quickly lose sight of why you came here in the first place. This city is just f*in amazing and has so many great things to offer. What’s the point in living here if you don’t enjoy it?

Thanks a lot Priscilla, we had a great time talking with you!

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Social Media Followers

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Social media startup tips from George Chilton, Creative Director of Hubbub Labs.

If you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, you’ve probably bumped into a bot or two. You may have even received messages from them offering you thousands of new social media followers, or dozens of fake likes a day, for a couple of hundred dollars. While most people ignore it, this can be tempting if you represent a brand, especially when your demanding boss expects you to grow your company’s online communities and “increase engagement”.

But don’t do it.

Buying followers is like making a presentation and filling half the auditorium with cardboard cutout people. It looks good when you take a selfie from the stage, but the applause is pretty weak.

It’s far better to have a small group of engaged followers, who represent your target market, than thousands of random accounts who pay you no attention.

So please, for the love of Zuckerberg, don’t make this horrible social media mistake. Here are 4 reasons why you should never buy online followers:

1. Fake social media followers hurt your marketing objectives

Think about why you set up a social media account in the first place. You want to be there for your customers, reach a wider audience with your content, potentially advertise your services, and talk to real people. It’s great branding and helps build your reputation.

Now imagine, for a moment, that instead of your customers, their friends and wider networks, you have a series of fake accounts following you.

What value will you give them? Absolutely none. At the end of the day it’s a vanity project that helps no-one but the people getting paid to follow you.

2. Zero engagement kills your visibility

Fake followers suck; they won’t ask you questions, they won’t like or share your posts and they certainly won’t get or give any value. All they’re doing is swelling your numbers and lowering your engagement ratio.

The numbers might look good at first glance, but this lower engagement ratio means your content will get rated lower by social media algorithms, and will therefore be less visible to real followers.

Fake likes don’t count as engagement, either. See what Facebook has to say about it:

Facebook takes into account Page engagement rates when deciding when and where to deliver a Page’s legitimate adverts and content, so Pages with artificially inflated like counts are harming themselves, making it more difficult and more expensive to reach the people they care about most —

3. Buying fake social media followers and likes harms your reputation

You wouldn’t pay actors to come to your dinner party and pretend to be your friends. It would be humiliating if you were ever caught. The same goes for buying fake followers.

First of all, like fake dinner guests, fake accounts are obvious. They:

  • Are clearly not part of your target audience
  • Often tweet or post in unrelated languages
  • Probably live on the other side of the world
  • May have no photos (or weird photos)

Once you’ve been rumbled, people will have a hard time trying to trust you. Not only does it make you look vain, it shows that you’re desperate and unable to run a valuable social media account (I mean, who are you trying to kid, Donald?).

4. Breaking the rules could get you banned

Every platform has its own terms of service. Buy buying fake followers and likes you could well find yourself in hot water. Having a suspended personal account looks bad, having a suspended brand account is worse – particularly when you’re being paid to run it.

Twitter, for example, may temporarily block or permanently ban you from using the service if:

You are selling or purchasing account interactions (such as selling or purchasing followers, Retweets, likes, etc.).

You are using or promoting third-party services or apps that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising “more followers fast”, or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account).


Don’t take the short cut

A strong social media following can take time to build. Aim to deliver consistent value to your audiences you’ll begin to see more engagement. Speak to real people, ask questions and lead the conversation.

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