Top people, places and tools from the Barna Hub community

Tools and resources from Barna Hub

We’ve brought together some of the top tools, places and events for startups and entrepreneurs – as recommended by the Barna Hub community. Use them well and they will help you take your business to the next level. We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.

Top tools for communication and growth

Teleport digital nomad tool
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If you want to move abroad for work, but aren’t sure where you want to settle down, then Teleport might just have the answer for you.

Julien Palier – co-founder and CEO at Daysk – is a fan of the tool, which offers a detailed overview your country of choice. Perfect for location-independent entrepreneurs: try it out and get a better insight into your next destination.

slack startup communication
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Slack is definitely one of best team communications tools out there. We use it at Hubbub Labs and it also comes highly recommended by Gemma Prenafeta, CEO and cofounder of Sharify.

The platform allows you to talk and share files in real time. It also integrates with a number of key apps, making running your organisation far simpler. Best of all, it connects your team and community without having to resort to creaky old email.

Tim Cakir, a Barcelona-based growth hacking expert, also shared some of his favourite tools with us:

growth hack tools
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Dux-Soup is an automated Linkedin tool for lead generation. It helps to optimise your sales strategy by automatically visiting Linkedin profiles, boosting awareness and increasing your reach.

discounts on business tools
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If you’re interested in growth hacking helps you save some money. It gives you an overview of different software and shares the best deals to help you grow your business.

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Another great tool is Phantom Buster which gives you ready-made cloud API’s to help improve your marketing.

Places for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Source: Twitter


Soho House is the coolest place to work for Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida.
Apart from the unique location and atmosphere this place offers inspirational events for its members.


Ben Nachoom – Co-Founder & CEO at OneCoWork heads up one of the best co-working spaces in Barcelona. Located at the port in Marina Port Vell, the company aims to bring together talent and foster innovation in a cool, work-friendly atmosphere.

They’ll be opening another co-working space in Plaça Catalunya very soon – so watch this space!

Right in the centre, close to La Rambla, the coworking space FIU House offers a cozy atmosphere and regularly organises great art, design and startup events for its members.

Entrepreneur resources

Guillem Soldevila the Founder and Creator of Brand Your Shoes recommends Barna Hub readers two entrepreneur-focused resources:

Acció Catalunya is ideal for people who want to start a business in Catalonia and need help with establishing an USP for their product or service.

Barcelona Tech City is also interesting for entrepreneurs – this organisation works in Barcelona’s digital and tech sectors and connects companies throughout the city.

Along similar lines, we are also big fans of Barcelona Activa, an EU-supported initiative that helps small businesses get off the ground. It offers funding, workshops, mentorship and a range of key resources for entrepreneurs in the city.

Unmissable business events in and around Barcelona

Coming up in August, Freedom X is the first outdoor event where “work and life come together”. Aimed at digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, the festival combines workshops, talks, and outdoor activities. Think Burning Man meets Web Summit and you’ll get the idea.

SheCommerce is a workshop for female entrepreneurs. Aiming to inspire and provide confidence to the next generation of women in e-Commerce, it is set to be a huge success. The event takes place on July 17th from 11:00-17:00 and tickets cost €59.

And wait! You don’t want to miss Fuckup Nights Barcelona – where failure stories, beer and fun come together. Come along to enjoy a great atmosphere, learn a lot, and meet new people from around the world. The next event will take place on July 5th from 19:00-22:00.

For more you can check out Barna Hub, our new series of blog posts where you can find out and learn more from different interviews with Barcelona-based entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs.

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Interested in hearing about other entrepreneurs and startups? Head over to Barna Hub, a new series of blog posts, interviewing some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs in Barcelona.

Win a ticket worth €697 to Freedom X Fest this August

Freedom X Fest: an unmissable event in northern Spain this August

Freedom X Festiva

Take a breath, that’s fresh mountain air you’re sucking in.

We hope you can join the Hubbub Labs team at Freedom X Fest this 14-19th August. The festival, which takes place in the heart of the Spanish countryside, is aimed at digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, and just about anyone else interested in discovering more about startup life and remote-work freedom.

To show you just how much we want to see you there, we’re offering you the chance to win a ticket to the event worth €697! 

Enter before June 10th to be in with a chance!

If you’ve ever wondered about having the freedom to decide how, where and when you work, FXF has the answer. It’s the very first outdoor festival of its kind and with more than 50 speakers, 100 talks and 1000 attendees, you will spend up to 6 days in a quiet village in the Pyrenees mountains, making connections, learning, teaching and having fun.


  • Expert talks
  • Interactive workshops
  • Music
  • Sports (swimming, climbing, hiking and more)
  • Exploration
  • Personal development
  • …And a whole lot of inspiration

Location & Accommodation

Freedom X Fest is set in a beautiful location next to the Pyrenean village of Canalda, some 130 km from Barcelona. Your closest train station is Solsona, a short 30 minute drive away.

You can decide from a range of different accommodation options, including:

  • Cottages
  • Tents
  • And glamping 

Find out more on the Freedom X Fest Website

Why we decided to become partners with Freedom X Fest

At Hubbub Labs we’re passionate about founder stories, startup life and business growth. We work with companies big and small, international and local to help them formulate a marketing strategy that works for them.

While we call Barcelona home, our job allows us to travel. We often find ourselves working in the different parts of Spain and sometimes on the other side of the world. We love the freedom that this gives us to move, make new friends, and discover new places.

Our team is made up of international freelancers, with people working from Spain, the USA, Canada, Colombia, the UK and some other countries in Europe.

We hope that Freedom X Fest will help and give us new strategies to grow and develop as a location independent company and, of course, meet some new collaborators!

digital nomad freedom x fest
Here’s Dan on a beach trying out our least successful marketing strategy yet

Freedom X Fest is far more than just another startup event. It’s the beginning of something new.

Enter now to win your ticket to Freedom X Fest!


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Interested in hearing about other entrepreneurs and startups? Head over to Barna Hub, a new series of blog posts, interviewing some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs in Barcelona.

4 Years From Now Roundup: Barcelona’s Unique Startup Scene

4 Years From Now Roundup: Barcelona’s Unique Startup Scene

4 Years from Now (4YFN) – the startup wing of the Mobile World Congress – was a resounding success. In its fifth year the conference boasted 650 startups and 20,000 visitors. The Hubbub Labs press team certainly had a lot of networking to do.

Here are some of our highlights.

5 Top Startup Pitches

Sitting with microphone in hand we spoke to more than 30 different startups during the Pitch the Press event. Like a speed dating session, we had two minutes to listen to an elevator pitch and squeeze in a question or two.

Here are the 5 pitches that stood out to us most.

Dan Shepherd Director of Operations Hubbub Labs content and digital marketing agency
Dan Shepherd sporting his press pass

Flyshionista – “Your Passport to Style”

Flyshionista is an app that connects fashion hunters with travellers, facilitating a cheaper and faster way of shopping for items in other countries.

Frequent flyers make some money and shoppers get their goods. It seems like a win-win to us and a new take on an old trend. Returns might be a little tricky though, so make sure that you are really sure you want what you’re buying!

Wait, how’s it work? Shoppers visit the app’s “Discovery Area” and select the item they want – it can be located anywhere in the world.

Travellers see what has been requested and set a price. If the shopper accepts, they make a secure payment and the traveller can go ahead and purchase the item. When they return, they can deliver it to the shopper at a mutually convenient time.

Check out Flysionista on Facebook

Recircula Solutions – Recycling for the Smart City

Let’s be honest, we rarely get excited by waste management companies. But Recircula Solutions did a good job explaining how its smart sensors gamify recycling and connect citizens to this essential process.

The Barcelona-based startup employs a hardware/software combo, installing sensors in recycling containers. Citizens simply scan their mobile device before they begin recycling and receive a small payment every time they do so.

Of course, the data collected also helps city councils improve their waste management processes and further develop the smart city ecosystem.

Some of the benefits:

  • Increases the recycling rates of the urban waste and pharmaceutical sector to 85-90 per cent.
  • Increases income from recycled aluminium and PET by up to 22 percent.
  • Saves a minimum of 30 per cent in diesel and carbon footprint for the delivery of 1000kg of PET, bricks and cans.


As sustainability enters the public consciousness, we can really get behind innovative (bin-ovative?!) solutions that encourage green-thinking and environment-first solutions.

Check out the pitch deck.

Brand Your Shoes 

After a group of Barcelona Castellers approached graphic designer Guillem Soldevila to get hold of some branded trainers a light bulb pinged on and Brand Your Shoes came into existence. Since then, he’s branded shoes for Twitter, Honda, Schwepps and many others.

Fashion-conscious brand managers looking for a way to kick off the year (pun intended), should look no further. Choose your shoes and send your logo. Brand your shoes does the rest.

Frankly, we fell in love with the idea of having Hubbub Labs branded shoes. We’ll be in touch Guillem!

Ciclogreen – Rewarding Your Sustainable Mobility

Another green solution – this time from Seville – Ciclogreen is an app that rewards people for moving around the world in a sustainable way. Effectively, it’s gamifying green transport, giving people points every time they cycle, walk, run or skate.

Download the app to take part in different challenges. Earn enough points and you will be rewarded with a variety of gifts, such as earphones, bike lights, discounts, vouchers and more. Surely though, the biggest reward is saving the planet?

No, no, you’re right. I want the headphones too.

In all seriousness, it’s a great idea and we hope it takes off. Sustainably, of course.

Ethical Time – Sustainable Fashion

We enjoyed chatting with Ethical Time, who gave a clear pitch on their ideas-stage startup. Founded by 19-year old Ignasi Eiriz from Vilanova i la Geltrú, its mission is to “promote ethical production practices and commerce under human values.”

Raising more than €23,000 in December 2017 in a crowdfunding campaign, development of the App is underway.

Working in the textile industry, the company aims to help consumers buy clothes from companies that operate in an ethical, sustainable way.

There are around 500 sustainable clothing/fashion companies in Spain, but would you know where to buy sustainable tighty-whities? Ethical Time aims to bring visibility to these brands and be the platform from which sustainable fashion and ethical consumers can thrive.

Find Ethical Time on Facebook

A Special Mention

We can’t end this post without a special mention for BoxMotions, winner of the 4YFN 2018 Awards. The three year old startup brings the on-demand economy to the moving industry. Its simple to use – visit the website or make a call. The company will collect your stuff, store it safely as long as you need. Then once you want your things returned or moved the company will deliver it anywhere you like.

Check out the video – (Spanish language)

Thanks to everyone we spoke at 4YFN, we enjoyed every minute. Apart from the sleet and snow. We could have done without that.

Before You Go! A Special EU-Startups Summit Discount

Hubbub Labs is on a mission to support the startup scene in Barcelona.

We will be heading to the EU-Startups Summit 2018 which is set for April 24.

750 founders, angel investors, VCs, startup fans and corporations and media will be in attendance.

Find your tickets here.  Use the code HUBBUB to receive 15% off ticket purchases until March 12.

See you there!

Hubbub Labs will be at 4YFN Barcelona – come and say hi!

A Supporting Community Partner of 4YFN

4 Years from Now (4YFN) is the startup platform of Mobile World Capital and Hubbub Labs is proud to be an official supporting community partner.

Dan Shepherd and George Chilton 4yfn
Dan Shepherd and George Chilton


We’ll be at 4YFN

This week, from the 26 to the 28th of February, 4YFN celebrates the 5th edition of its startup event, which attracted more than 20,000 people in 2017.

It brings together a whole range of startups, entrepreneurs, investing platforms and other entities to spark innovation and new ventures.

If you are attending the event please get in touch. We’d love to hear about you, your startup or latest project! You might also like to check out the programme of events on the official website.

4YFN Articles

4yfn logo

Over the past few weeks, in the run up to the Mobile World Congress and the 4YFN conference, the Hubbub Labs team has been contributing articles to the platform’s blog.

There’s a little something for everyone in this selection. We have covered a number of topics, from startup success, to mentorship, PR campaigns and even networking.

We hope you enjoy them and – if you found them useful – that you will share them with your own networks.

7 pro hacks to help you raise your networking game

How to hit the headlines with a killer startup story

Startup struggle: beating the odds to find success

6 Reasons to look for a mentor in 2018

Wait, what is Hubbub Labs again?

Hubbub Labs is a content and digital marketing agency. We get a huge kick out of working with founding teams to help you refine your messaging, develop your voice and get your ideas out there through content marketing, PR and digital ads.

We are also passionate about helping more established companies and organisations realise their potential. Our team works with creative marketers to develop content strategy. We offer in depth and valuable blog content, newsletter campaigns, lead generation assets (like ebooks, cheat sheets and more) and also set up and run your PPC campaigns on Social Media, Google and elsewhere.

Mine’s a mocha cappuccino

Remember to get in touch if you’d like to meet us. We hope to see you there!

George & Dan

6 questions we get asked at Barcelona networking events

Networking: Content and digital marketing

George and Dan at Pick & Pow’s Startup My Rooftop event at the Barceló Raval Hotel in September.


You can often find Hubbub Labs at startup networking events in Barcelona. Here are six of the most common questions people ask us.

1. How long have you been working at Hubbub Labs?

Hubbub Labs launched officially in July 2017. We’re a young agency, but George Chilton and Dan Shepherd have a lot of experience working in marketing, growth, public relations, content strategy and production, digital ads and media.

2. What did you do before this?

Dan was responsible for the success of one of Barcelona’s leading language academies and oversaw a 40% + growth over a 3 year period, serving over 1600 clients and managing more than 80 employees. He’s also a qualified teacher trainer, a forensic scientist and mountaineer.

George has contributed to Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web, Geektime and a number of other publications. He’s ghostwritten and edited articles and press releases for over a hundred of Silicon Valley startups with work appearing in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, InfoQ, Mashable, Variety and many others. He is also a regular volunteer judge at the Start-Up Chile Accelerator.

3. What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

We love startups and the energy and drive they have to build new things. It’s our mission to support and grow the Barcelona startup scene through content and digital marketing services.

Our team enjoys taking startups through the steps from strategy, content creation, promotion, analytics and testing.

When it comes down to working with you, we plug in to your company like another staff member, but without the hassle and additional cost of training and onboarding.

4. Do you work with idea-stage startups?

Hubbub Labs is setup to help you sell your product or service. While we’re always very happy to chat about your ideas and advise you, we prefer work with startups that are ready to talk content and digital strategy and that want to launch marketing campaigns. We are also here to help you populate or refresh your websites with copy.

5. Do you do service packages?

Absolutely, yes we do. But, rather than offering a one-size-fits all package, we talk to you, find out your business objectives and marketing needs. We then make a personalised content and digital marketing proposal.

We bill in advance on a monthly, 6-monthly or yearly basis, depending on your requirements and offer discounts for payment in advance.

6. Are you employing people right now?

We are currently working  with freelance journalists and digital marketers based here in Barcelona, the UK, the United States, Australia, Colombia and Canada. We love to hear from new freelancers, so drop us a line if you are interested in working with us in the future.

Do you have other questions for us?

You don’t have to wait to meet us at a networking event. Just drop us a comment below or send us an email via this form:


This is for entrepreneurs who want to create better lives for others

17 October – 24 NovemberNetmentora Catalunya

NETMENTORA CATALUNYA is a non-profit initiative for entrepreneurs and startups based here in Catalonia.

The private, European business network has supported entrepreneurial initiatives for more than 30 years, with 120 associations in ten countries.

Its mission is to work with entrepreneurs to improve and consolidate their businesses, in turn creating employment opportunities and developing local economies.

What’s happening?

The 1st convocatory for entrepreneurs—17 October – 24 November 2017—was created in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, a Netmentora member.

Among other things, successful applicants can receive:

– Up to 3 years of business support from experienced entrepreneurs

– 0% interest loans

– Access to a network in 10 countries

– And more

Who is it for?

The organisation is looking for entrepreneurial projects that benefit society at large – for example, initiatives that create jobs through the building of homes for children and older people, homes for the differently-abled, and the creation of innovative and sustainable environments.

How do I apply?

For more information and to apply for the programme visit the Netmentora Website (Spanish Language).

Follow the organisation:

Twitter: @NetmentoraCat

Linkedin: Netmentora Catalunya


Hubbub Labs is proud to support Netmentora Catalunya.

Barna Hub: Startup Interview With Bida’s Priscilla Lavoie

Barna Hub

Barna Hub is a new blog series from Hubbub Labs, shining a spotlight on the Barcelona startup scene. In our very first Barna Hub interview we are excited to speak to Priscilla Lavoie, the Founder & CEO of Bida.

Barcelona startup Bida app

140 character startup pitch:

Bida is Barcelona’s hottest new mobile app where members receive a free drink every day at awesome bars all around the city for 9,99/month.

Bida special offer:

Because you’re part of the Barna Hub community, Bida is giving you *ONE MONTH TOTALLY FREE* (that’s up to 31 free cocktails) on their app! All you have to do is download the app from  and use the invite code “BARNAHUB” at signup to claim your free month. This offer is for new members only and lasts till Oct. 31st, so don’t miss out!

Down to business:

Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Barcelona startup Bida
Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida
What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been attracted by entrepreneurship. My parents were entrepreneurs, and I remember being a “hustler” as early as 9 or 10 years old, buying lollipops in bulk at WalMart and selling them at school for a dollar a pop (until my teacher made me stop…).

Maybe this is a bad thing, but I see problems and inefficiencies everywhere, and constantly think about solutions to these issues. It’s just something innate to me, something I believe makes me who I am.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

Your network!!! I’m a huge advocate of making use of the world of contacts around you. I take advantage of so many opportunities to connect with new, interesting people. And with the proliferation of online social networks in our day and age, there’s really no excuse.

I think your network as a startup resource is even more powerful in Barcelona — this city is full of supportive, intelligent, experienced people who are happy to chat and help. It’s one of the things I love most about this city.

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

Certainly time. I always complain that there aren’t enough hours in a day — it’s the biggest stress in my life. As a result of this, I consider my time extremely valuable. One time, a friend was 30 minutes late to meet me for no good reason at all, and I decided to stop hanging out with her.

I also feel that time is intertwined with the other things in this list/question — with more time you have more opportunities to make money and grow your number of contacts, and more moments for coffee, of course ;-P

Barcelona Insight

Where’s the coolest place to work from in Barcelona?

I kind of don’t even want to say this here, because I want it to stay the way it is, but Soho House is hands down the coolest place to work from in the city. The inspirational atmosphere, the network of people there, and the members’ events are simply phenomenal. My happiness level has definitely increased since I started working from Soho.

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?

Damn that’s a tough one — there are so many amazing food spots in this city… but I think I would have to choose Enigma… even though I’ve never been, haha! I’ve been dreaming of that 40-course meal for the longest time. Can someone take me, please?

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Try to be patient. The bureaucracy and inefficiencies are no joke. I kicked a wall once because of how frustrated I was with the system here.

Also, try to enjoy Barcelona whilst you’re building your empire. I know from experience that, especially when starting a new company, you want to put your entire heart and soul into it, and can easily get lost in your work, leaving no time for real life. I also know from experience that if you do this in Barcelona, you’ll get so caught up in the negative aspects of doing business here that you’ll quickly lose sight of why you came here in the first place. This city is just f*in amazing and has so many great things to offer. What’s the point in living here if you don’t enjoy it?

Thanks a lot Priscilla, we had a great time talking with you!

Follow Bida online:

5 core motivations that drive the Hubbub Labs team

What motivates you?

By George Chilton, Creative Director of Hubbub Labs, a content and digital marketing agency based in Barcelona.

Motivation and goals are key

When you’re in an early morning marketing meeting it’s often tempting to cut straight to the chase. More often than not, people begin asking about USPs, market demand, positioning and pricing, branding, and so on. Someone will write a list on a whiteboard, and another will look busy on their phone, nodding and agreeing that the messaging is key.

There’s no doubt they are necessary questions. But there’s one – far more important one – that very few people ask in a bleary-eyed 8am conference call. And it’s to do with motivation.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

Before getting into product and service details, about messaging and differentiators, it’s one of the first questions we like to ask our clients. We want to understand what drives them to be great at what they do, their motivations, and what is at the core of their businesses.

If you know why you do what you do, your clients will buy into your ideas, not just your products. Brands like The Body Shop, Innocent Smoothies and Apple, for example, all have ideals and ideas that people pay for. It’s not just a bar of soap, it’s ecological; it’s not just fruit juice smoothie, it’s free of preservatives; it’s not just a computer, it’s innovative design. 

On the surface, it sounds like a stupid question. But when someone asks you this he or she is really asking about your motivation and ambition. What makes you excited about your life? What makes you want to do the things you do? Who are you?

Of course, we have to ask the same question of ourselves all the time. If we don’t we’ll lose focus – and a company without focus or motivation is going nowhere. That’s where this list comes from, it’s the five reasons why we do what we do at Hubbub Labs. Our motivations and ambitions, and the reasons we love putting on our lab coats every day.

Why do we get out of bed in the morning?

  1. Our team loves ideas. Everything we do is driven by an intense desire to understand and learn about the world and the people in it.
  2. We are a lab. This means we hypothesize, experiment, fail, repeat until we get to the answer. AB testing, analysis and creativity help us find the best ways to drive leads to your business in the fastest way possible.
  3. We love genuine people. Without interesting, diverse and unique people, life is dull. We work with your team and get to know you. When we understand what makes you special, we can really understand your mission. 
  4. We are driven by creative energy. Building things makes us human, so let’s celebrate your creation and find the best way to show the world why it’s brilliant.
  5. We are true to you. We drill down and find the value your products and services offer, because that’s why people love you.

Let us know what motivates you in the comments. Just one big shiny idea, or a list of reasons. We want to hear about your challenges, ambitions and core company beliefs.