Entrepreneurship and Mentoring with Netmentora Catalunya

Entrepreneurship and Mentoring with Netmentora Catalunya

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Today the Barna Hub team spoke to the Beatriz de Vicente, Director at Netmentora Catalunyaand got some great insight into this inspiring and extremely valuable programme for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Netmentora was originally founded in France and currently comprises 120 entities in 10 different countries. The non-profit organisation has a 30-year pedigree creating employment through entrepreneurship and helping new founders to build and develop their companies.

Tell us more Beatriz!

Logo Netmentora Catalunya: Entrepreneurship and mentoring

140 character pitch: 

Netmentora offers a free mentoring programme for entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses & create jobs in their local communities


We work with a network of business owners and company managers who mentor entrepreneurs enrolled in our programme for two to three years. In this way, Netmentora arms entrepreneurs with all the know-how and tools they need to develop their startups, transform them into consolidated businesses, and create jobs.

We currently have a programme seeking entrepreneurs who want to make peoples lives better. Visit our website to find out more information and to apply for our programme today. Don’t miss the application deadline: November 24th 2017!

Down to business

What are the founding principles of Netmentora?

We work under three premises:

  1. People come first – Human values define our network of members and entrepreneurs and the person is the most important thing.
  2. Founders don’t pay – The entrepreneur doesn’t pay for the programme and the mentor doesn’t invest money in the mentored company (during the period of mentorship).
  3. Reciprocity is important – Entrepreneurship is about giving something back. At Netmentora, entrepreneurs helps other entrepreneurs. Participants in our programme are invited to join as members once the mentoring period is over.
What made you want to work with entrepreneurs and startups?

There were two things that really motivated me. Firstly, Netmentora’s mission – to help entrepreneurs to consolidate their startups, grow their business and create jobs – was inspiring.

Secondly, the success rate of Netmentora’s methodology is striking. In fact, 90% of the startups that take part in the Netmentora programme are still running after three years and 78% are still operating after five years. Not to mention that each startup we work with creates an average of 13 jobs after five years.

How do you encourage entrepreneurship and develop startups at Netmentora?

We offer them three things:

  1. Mentoring: as I mentioned, we offer two to three years of free mentorship, which is carried out by highly experienced volunteer business owners and company managers.
  2. Funding: we also offer 0% interest loans of up to €25.000 to our entrepreneurs in order to help them find more funding.
  3. Networking: and not only do entrepreneurs and business owners become part of the Netmentora community here in Spain, but they are also introduced to many others in the 120 associations that form part of Netmentora/Réseau Entreprendre around the world.
What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

We’re currently helping Daysk, an app that lets you book an office or work space on demand, online.

It’s a really useful tool, especially for location-independent people, people who work from home, at coworking spaces, or even those who combine office and home work.

Barcelona Insight

Where’s the coolest place to work in Barcelona?

CREC coworking, for sure! It’s a cute space and really central. You have everything nearby, there’s a great working environment and the team is very welcoming and helpful. Most importantly, they organise a vermut on a Friday once a month!

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you spend your last day?

I’d probably spend it at the beach with my dog Señor. Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have the Mediterranean sea so close by.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Analyse, plan, and listen, but then take the decision by yourself and go for it!

Hubbub team: 

Thanks Beatriz, we can certainly get behind that advice!

Find Netmentora Online

Website: http://www.netmentora-catalunya.org (Spanish language)

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10507057/

Twitter: @NetmentoraCat 

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