Chatting with Freedom X Fest and Coworkation Founder Stuart Jones

Chatting with Freedom X Fest and Coworkation Founder Stuart Jones

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Today, we’re all about freedom! We had the pleasure of talking to location independent entrepreneur Stuart Jones.

Not only is Stuart the founder of Coworkation, but he’s also the co-founder of Freedom X Fest – a festival aimed at location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads, happening this August, right here in Catalonia.

Full of workshops, talks, adventure activities and camping, it’s going to be an epic experience for all those who attend.

You’ll also be able to catch the Hubbub Labs team there. Between learning more about location independence and hiking up some mountains, we’ll be giving a workshop on Saturday (How to write online like a pro) and taking part in some virtual panel sessions. 

Over to you Stuart!

Quick pitch:

Founder of Coworkation, Stuart Jones, has lived a location independent life for the past 15 years. Combining his passions of travel and business he has experienced the joy and the benefits of living a life of freedom as he travelled to over 80 countries whilst maintaining his entrepreneurial ventures.

Your chance to attend Freedom X Fest

We’d like to offer you the chance to attend Freedom X Fest. If you are thinking about living a location independent lifestyle, but aren’t sure if it’s for you – you can attend the Festival for one day and learn all about it!

Pick up one of the 50 super saver day tickets at just €49.

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Down to business

Could you tell us a little about your role at Coworkation and what the company does?

I’m the founder of Coworkation, where work blends with travel and leisure. We offer short coworking trips for digital nomads, remote workers and location independent professionals to exotic destinations around the world.  

It’s all designed to inspire – you will be working from some of the most beautiful places imaginable and connecting with other driven people. The Coworkation programme includes topics such as business big picture (vision, planning, strategy etc), lifestyle design and personal growth for professional development.  

Coworkation logo
What was the inspiration behind Freedom X Fest?

Our idea was to create an event that looks at how the way we work and live is changing, and to bring together the diversity of the ‘location independent movement’ ecosystem.

How and why did you choose the location?

The locations for Coworkation always need to be inspiring and unique.  I wanted the event for the Festival to reflect the fusion between work and life…one where we could have the work/conference element, but also one where we could have the life/festival element to.  I searched for a suitable location in a rural atmosphere, and in a location where we could add in different activities, sports, and entertainment (such as live music or DJ’s).

What are you looking forward to most at FXF?

To meet a lot of people who are leading some really fascinating lifestyles. To learn more about location independence, and to dig deeper with conversations about what work/life is all about – and how we can really maximise the opportunities given to us by location independence.

Is there a typical location independent entrepreneur?

The most common is somebody who works from a coworking space, or from home and cafes. Some of these opt to travel and live as a digital nomad, but only a small percentage of people do that – and normally it is for a short time.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up this lifestyle?

Learn about it as much as you can – there are lots of blogs and stories online. Try not to pay too much attention to those that glorify the lifestyle – read up, and talk with people, about some of the challenges and disadvantages of being location independent.





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