News Hub – The future is just around the corner

News Hub – The future is just around the corner

News Hub

Will you be appearing on the other side of the world in holographic form? Or perhaps you’ll be driven to work in an autonomous vehicle? We might not be able to predict the future, but this week’s News Hub indicates we’re quickly moving from science fiction to everyday reality. Read on.

Looking Glass

US – A new Kickstarter campaign from Looking Glass promises holographic displays in the workplace. It’s primarily aimed at graphic designers, architects, engineers and game developers working with 3D models.

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400M for Dearcc Technology

China – Zhejiang-based electric car maker Dearcc Technology has received immense investment interest and has now raised a total funding of 400M to invest in development, moving us closer to a world of electric cars.

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WhatsApp update

US – New WhatsApp version for iOS: the most popular messenger service is testing new features that will change how we message on mobile. Exciting features are on the way, from group video calls to WhatsApp payments.

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Scandit raises 30M

Switzerland –  Swiss Scandit made it easier for companies to track parcels in a warehouse, through scanning software that can be integrated into any app to boost agility.

The leading enterprise platform has raised $30 million in a Series B funding to invest in international growth.

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Waymo partners with Walmart to offer a robot shopping service

Phoenix – Waymo partners up with American supermarket giant Walmart.

Head to Walmart in the states and you may well find yourself in an autonomous Waymo Ride. 800 stores are set to implement a drive and pick up service using autonomous vehicles. Collect your pre-ordered shopping in your on-demand robot car and get a discount on your weekly shop. Another move against giant Amazon? Looks like it.

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Event of the week

Digital Makers

Come and pitch your idea for an app at Digital Makers this July 30th at 19:00. Talk to the Digital Makers students and convince them to build you a prototype. Perhaps your startup dream is about to become reality?!

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