News hub – August begins with a trillion dollar Apple

News hub – August begins with a trillion dollar Apple

News Hub

August is underway, our ice cream is melting faster than we can eat it, and we bring you another News Hub. This week, alongside lots of international business news, we’ve found content marketing tips, exit advice for startup founders, a new trillion dollar company,  and a chance to enter The Collider programme from Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

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Apple is worth more than Switzerland

U.S.—What a way to begin August, with Apple becoming the second trillion dollar public company after its shares reached $207.05. Its August 2nd valuation means the company is larger than some countries’ economies. Amazon is snapping at its heels, however, and may also soon hit the big T, too. PetroChina briefly broke the trillion threshold 11 years ago, but did not hold its value.

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Facebook promotes digital literacy

U.S.—Facebook launched an educational resource aimed at 11 to 18 year olds. It plans to help them focused develop critical thinking skills and appropriate online behaviour. Named the Digital Literacy Library, it explores privacy, identity exploration, security, safety, wellbeing and other key topics.

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High fives all round at Grover, after a smashing $37m Series A

Berlin—A huge Series A for Grover, which was led by Circularity Capital LLP. The consumer electronics startup has been doing big things in Germany – boasting 20 percent revenue growth every month. The injection will set it up for expansion.

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$100m for Freshworks

San Bruno—Freshworks has raised $100m in a funding round led by Sequoia and Accel Partners. Now worth more than $1.5B, Freshworks offers biz tools including IT management tech, sales CRMs and customer support software. The company reportedly brings in $100m P.A. in revenues. Ka’ching.

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What every founder should know about Exits

Benjamin Joffe talks startup strategy, stats and missteps. If you’re building a startup with an eye to exit, this is certainly food for thought.

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3 Tips to Increase the Time People Spend Reading Your Content

We stumbled upon this interesting article by Casie Gillette of the Search Engine Journal. There’s lots of good advice to get you on your way to producing engaging an valuable content for your readers.

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Want to get €50K in funding + expert mentorship via a venture builder?

BarcelonaTheCollider_MWC the tech transfer programme by Mobile World Capital is searching for founders in healthcare, utilities, mobility or Industry 4.0.

For more info see: The Collider

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