News Hub: Silicone Spiders and Private Planes

News Hub: Silicone Spiders and Private Planes

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Tiny spiders and private planes – startup life is weird. Check out some of our top picks from the tech world this week.

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Creepy biomimetic tech set to revolutionise medicine

Wyss institute at Harvard is researching silcone rubber technology, based on the shape and size (1mm) of the Australian Peacock spider. The clever little critter may well one day be let loose inside us to perform medical procedures.

Watch it in action on Mashable

Oscar Health nabs itself $375 million from Alphabet

Now valued at $3B, the Oscar Health has received $375M from Alphabet. It will be investing in differentiation and launching new product lines to corner new markets. This includes Medicare Advantage in 2020.

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Social media

Twitter takes back control from 3rd-party apps

The social media giant announced it is removing API access needed for push notifications and auto-refreshing timelines. Twitter’s aim is to build proprietary native apps.

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Sky’s the limit for ride sharing apps?

Blackbird is offering a new service -Hitch – which allows travellers to share the costs of fuel, rental and taxes when it comes to private air travel. Mashable describes the service as the Uber Pool for private planes.

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Google One makes its debut

Google One is now available in the U.S. market. While still very Drive-like, it is offering cheaper storage plans. Members will also get access to Google experts  24/7 and the service is offering a number of gaming and travel perks.

Read more on TechRadar

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