News Hub – fines, investments and robo cars

News Hub – fines, investments and robo cars

News Hub

It’s Friday! And it’s been a busy week. We want to make sure you go into the weekend up-to-date and in the know with all the most important tech and startup news from around the world.

09/13 July

Moneybox raising €15.9 million to support investments

London – Need help with investing in your future? The smartphone app Moneybox aims to make the fundraising journey easier for you. Founded in 2015, the London-based startup has secured £14M in order to expand its service.

The latest investment round reportedly brings the total amount raised by Moneybox to over €24 million.

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Google & Uber invest in $335 million in Lime

San Francisco – Ride sharing company Uber partners with Lime and plans to offer scooter rental through their app. The company invested $335 million USD, with investment from Alphabet and others.

Read more on BBC

Deliveroo’s possible €1.3 million penalty 

Madrid –  The British food delivery company is under pressure from Spain’s labour inspectorate. Inspectors demand Deliveroo employees to have a proper employee contract instead of being self-employed. Unless Deliveroo can successfully defend itself, it will face an steep social security bill of €1.3 million.

Read more in El Pais in English

Snapchat team up with Amazon

California – An as-yet-unpublished version of Snapchat is destined to help you with product searches in future. Amazon and Snapchat are working hand-in-hand to offer a visual search facility, codenamed “Eagle”. It will eventually offer users the chance to explore Amazon product listings on-app. 

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Robo-car startup AImotive

Hungary – Vehicle technology company AImotive is developing new, cheaper solutions for autonomous driving. The Hungary-based AI leader aims to bring autonomous driving to the masses and is working with companies worldwide. It just raised $47.5 million from investments including Bosch and Samsung.

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Event of the week

Workshop ‘Como crear un Plan de Marketing Digital Efectivo’ will show you to how to build and develop a great marketing strategy for your (future) company.

The workshop takes place July 19th (next Thursday) from 19:00-22:00 at the Café Coco Coffice space, come check it out if you want to learn more!

Note that this event is in Spanish!

George Chilton @ Freedom X Fest from August 14th-19th

George, the Creative Director at Hubbub Labs, is a guest speaker at this year’s Freedom X Fest. He’ll be giving a hands-on collaborative workshop on how to improve your skills and write online like a pro.

Freedom X Fest is the first outdoor festival of its kind in northern Spain and takes place amidst the beautiful Pyrenees mountains, bringing together freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe.

If you’re interested in discovering more, join the Freedom X Fest journey.

Get your early bird discount tickets here.

The Hubbub Labs Team hopes to see you there!


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