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Hubbub Labs was founded in 2017. Our vision is to create a content and digital marketing agency that delivers world-class messaging services.

We help education businesses and startups grow, wherever they are on their journey to business success.

Your vision, our promise:

Hubbub Labs promises to save you time, offer you valuable content and digital marketing services, and a highly personalised experience. It’s time to take your marketing strategy seriously – and thats why we go by the following four principles:


Personalisation is a core value at Hubbub Labs. Our relationship with you is what drives us to succeed. Every client at Hubbub Labs is unique, so there are no production lines or standardised sales pitches here. Instead, we offer individual and flexible packaged services, built especially for your needs. We take into account your mission, product, service, and market in order to develop the right content, for the right platform, for the right people.


Marketing is time consuming. Building and testing audiences, finding the right niche, developing content and digital strategy, creating and diversifying that content, managing digital ads, A/B testing, analysing, rolling out…the list goes on. Who has the time and energy to do all this and offer a great service to their clients? We fit right in with your team, giving you that time back, so you can focus on the core of your business – your product, your service, and most importantly – your customer.


Hubbub is a lab for a reason. We create hypotheses then continually test and iterate to ensure that you receive the highest return on your investment possible. Whether you are running an inbound marketing campaign, a series of Facebook ads, or even an email course, we A/B test, focus on the analytics, the open rates, bounce rates, engagement and conversion to develop messaging that speaks to your target market and converts.



Quality of services, content and customer care are our priorities. It is our mission to deliver world-class messaging services. That means taking the time to understand your mission, your clients, and your service. By getting to know you, we can provide you with the best digital and content marketing solutions possible.


Helping businesses grow in 6 steps

When it’s time to grow and scale you need a clear marketing strategy that complements your business objectives and your company mission.

We take a 6 step approach to your marketing:

  1. Get to know your business objectives, product and service
  2. Analyse your customer journey, examine your analytics and build a series of audiences
  3. Define your marketing objectives and KPIs in accordance with your needs
  4. Explore topics and themes that resonate with your target audience
  5. Define the distribution channels and content types
  6. Test our hypotheses and iterate on content strategy until we reach your goals and deliver your results

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Seventy percent of companies are operating blindly, without a documented content strategy to guide them


Rebecca Lieb, Fast Company