Our Team

Our Core Team

At Hubbub Labs we offer some seriously talented writers, creators, designers, videographers, community managers, SEO whizzes and strategists.

Carley Spence, Office Manager and Client Success

Carley Spence

Office Manager and Client Success

Carley moved to Barcelona in 2013 after a successful career in hospitality management. Since then she’s worked as an English teacher, a school manager and an admissions officer at a leading business school. After completing her masters in Business Administration and Management, she joined the Hubbub in 2021 – where she wears a number of hats. She’s just as comfortable back-office supporting with HR and finance as she is helping clients manage complex content workflows. When she’s not creating jazzy spreadsheets, you’ll find her in the kitchen baking delicious treats for the office.

Taylor Grabowski, Content Strategist

Taylor Grabowski

Content Strategist

Meet Taylor, our Content Strategist at Hubbub Labs. In 2014, Taylor embarked on a journey that led her from managing banks in sunny Southern California to teaching English in the charming streets of Barcelona. Since then, she has called Barcelona home. She embraced the culture and discovered her hidden talent for social media marketing during the pandemic. Fuelled by a passion for cocktails and gastronomy, she seamlessly transitioned into the world of content marketing, contributing to the online success of spirits brands and her own cocktail class company. Now leading as Hubbub Labs’ Content Strategist, Taylor leverages her diverse background to curate compelling social media content that resonates with audiences. Here’s to a mix of creativity, strategy, and a dash of Southern California cool!

Maria Di Mario, Head of Editorial

Maria Di Mario

Head of Editorial

Originally from Scotland, Maria moved to Barcelona after finishing her PhD in creative writing from the University of Glasgow, and has been living here ever since. She has over ten years’ experience in education marketing, and believes deeply in the power of education to address inequalities. As Head of Editorial at Hubbub Labs, Maria combines her creative perspective with a wealth of expertise in content strategy and marketing. Outside of work, Maria spends her time wandering round art galleries, making ceramics at a local pottery studio, or enduring the play park with her kids.
George Chilton, Creative Director

George Chilton

Creative Director

George left the UK in 2007 and after a friend sent him a MySpace message with a job offer to work in South Korea. He lives in Barcelona now and has spent the best part of 20 years working in Asia, Europe and Latin America. After spending some time as the managing editor of a PR firm, he launched Hubbub Labs, which, as you probably know by now, is a Content Marketing agency for tech and education companies, alongside his business partner Dan. George is also a cofounder (2014) of Serveis Lingüístics Barcelona co-operative. He teaches on master’s programmes on a variety of topics, including marketing, SEO, storytelling and pitching. George has bylines in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web, CrunchBase, among others.


Dan Shepherd, Director of Operations

Dan Shepherd

Director of Operations

Dan “mountain man” Shepherd left the Isle of Wight for the sunnier climes of Barcelona back in 2010. Since then he’s worked in a number of roles in the education sector – including teacher, academic director, speaking examiner and team leader and content manager. He’s the co-founder and operations director at Hubbub Labs, where he spends his time working on business development, HR and finance and high-level client strategy. He is also a qualified mountain guide and founder of outdoor education company, Outdoor Adventures BCN where he creates meaningful outdoor experiences for schools.



Emma Walker, Copy and Creative

Emma Walker

Copy and Creative

Meet Emma! She moved from the old viking city of York to the buzzing metropolis, Barcelona, in 2022. By day, Emma navigates the unpredictable and exciting world of social media. She’s one of the team’s copywriters, crafting compelling narratives that can sell sand in a desert, and weaving words together with the precision of a poet and the persuasion of a seasoned sales guru. Alongside this, Emma helps with scripting, filming, and editing short and long-form social media content. Her main focus (and love) is YouTube. She currently runs her own business and YouTube channel and has a collective following of over 1 million subscribers from around the world. She’s passionate about sharing her wisdom and helping our clients grow their business and social media presence to their fullest potential. As the sun sets, Emma enjoys climbing, hiking in the mountains, and running with her trusty canine companion, Freya, in her free time. She also loves gardening, travelling, baking, and learning new languages (and is currently learning her 8th language now – Japanese!).

Claire Bowes, Campaign Manager

Claire Bowes

Campaign Manager

Meet Claire – our campaign manager and content creator hailing from the rainy Ireland, now basking in the Spanish sun! She started off teaching English in Dublin while getting her degree in Marketing. Claire has since moved onto the online world and grown a community of learners by creating ELT content on social media platforms. She joined Hubbub Labs in 2023 to combine her marketing and content creation backgrounds for some amazing clients. If you ever need a forth for a pub quiz, Claire has a proclivity for 80’s action movies and music. She also has a fondness for hiking, reading, drawing and tea. Even better if she can combine all four.



Beth Pendleton, Head of Creative Content

Beth Pendleton

Head of Creative Content

Beth is a small-town girl from the East Midlands, UK. She used to work in the glitz of glamour of Shopping Television as an Assistant Producer. At the tender age of 23, she moved to Barcelona after hearing Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé on the radio. She spent many years working as an English teacher – teaching in the UK, Barcelona and Tokyo, before landing her dream job writing quizzes for a living at Hubbub Labs. Her role has changed a lot over the years – evolving from Writer and Content Designer to Account Manager, Content Strategist and Head of Creative Content. When she is not writing witty captions for Hubbub, she is attending life drawing classes at Barcelona Academy of Arts, trying out new recipes, or singing in a pop choir!


Becki Grahame, Account Manager

Becki Grahame

Account Manager

Becki relocated to Spain in 2012 fresh out of an English Literature degree, determined to become fluent in Spanish. After working as an English Teacher, Course Coordinator and Speaking Examiner, she transferred her skills over to educational content creation. At Hubbub Labs, her role involves writing, editing and managing accounts. Thanks to insisting on reading all her big brother’s books as a child, Becki developed a keen eye for language and precision. Her biggest win in life is making sure all content we produce at Hubbub Labs is error-free. See if you can get anything past her eagle eye! In her spare time you can find her photographing dogs and sunsets, cold-water swimming, learning harmonies and belting out Spanish football chants at her local stadium.



Ben Hayes, Community Manager

Ben Hayes

Community Manager

Ben was born in Birmingham and has had a love of the English language from a young age, spending his time writing stories and reading. After working in marketing in the UK for 13 years, he decided to escape the drizzle and head to the sunnier climes of Barcelona, where he re-trained as an English teacher. He has provided English classes to some of the biggest brands in Barcelona and helped scores of students achieve their goal of passing a variety of recognised English exams. Currently he co-runs a small language academy and is the Community Manager for a number of Hubbub Labs clients. When he’s not engaging with followers, you can find him on the beach, or in the mountains, with his dog, sharing their adventures via his dog’s successful Instagram account.


Noreen Lam, Account Manager

Noreen Lam

Account Manager

Noreen hails from Canada, but lives in the north of Spain. After studying life sciences, she decided to explore the world while working and travelling. She had always worked in education so teaching English was the perfect way to sustain her adventures, but Spanish life got a hold of her and she still has half the world on her bucket list. These days, she juggles being an editor, writer and account manager at Hubbub Labs with teaching and being a speaking examiner. In her free time, you can find her conducting culinary experiments, learning words in random languages and dreaming of her next travel destination.






Alexandra Tolrà, Social Media Account Executive

Alexandra Tolrà

Social Media Account Executive

Alex is from Barcelona and is a superstar on camera and behind the scenes. She helps us keep on trend, injecting fun, creativity and relevance for our clients’ social media content.





Eli Tujschinaider, Senior Graphic Designer

Eli Tujschinaider

Senior Graphic Designer

Eli lives in Argentina and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design. Aside from her digital creative talent, she’s a keen photographer and helps ensure our creative content stays on brand for the global brands we work for.





Oli Griffin, Reporter in Residence

Oli Griffin

Reporter in Residence

Oli Griffin is an experienced international journalist with bylines in publications as diverse as The Economist, The New York Times, Raconteur, Time, TechCrunch, The Daily Telegraph, CNN International, and many others.

Working closely with Hubbub Labs, Oli provides our clients key media insights and guidance.



Sheyla Cutillas Sánchez, Art and Design Creative

Sheyla Cutillas Sánchez

Art and Design Creative

Sheyla graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, with a specialism in visual identity that promotes inclusion and the creation of graphic and audiovisual content for social networks. With more than 10 years of experience, her work focuses on developing meaningful brands that resonate. Committed to accessibility and diversity Sheyla is a logo design whizz, well versed in building inclusive sub-brands, as well as developing colour palettes and accessible typography. She also excels in creating visual elements that reflect cultural diversity. Her approach also includes photographic direction and strategies on social networks, all focused on promoting fair representation and encouraging inclusive interaction.

Grace Brennan, Content and Copywriter

Grace Brennan

Content and Copywriter

Grow in content marketing by focusing on quality and not quantity.

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Our City

Barcelona, a city of contrasts

We call Barcelona our home. The sunny seaside city seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional, and over the centuries it has influenced writers, artists, architects, and innovators alike.

Today it is a burgeoning startup hub with an engaged and enthusiastic community of entrepreneurs.

Proudly hosting the world-famous Mobile World Congress each year in February, Barcelona is a magnet for people who love technology and creativity, but at the same time enjoy a free and relaxed lifestyle and the benefits of being in a beautiful, historic place. This conflation of qualities is fostered by the wonderful Catalan culture and it’s not uncommon find ultra-modern coworking spaces, full of developers and tech entrepreneurs, nestled among Roman columns and winding gothic streets.

See our article Barcelona isn’t the new Silicon Valley – and that’s a good thing on The Next Web for more.