A List of Incubators and Accelerators in Barcelona

A List of Incubators and Accelerators in Barcelona

Shhh! You hear that? That’s the beating heart of innovation in Barcelona. These incubators and accelerators are collectively responsible for taking ideas and squeaky little startups into the big time.

Through mentorship, investment, strategy, partnerships, R&D – and earth-shattering exits – they have put Barcelona on the map. They represent billions of euros in investments and countless exits.

So, here’s a long, but probably not complete list of accelerators and  incubators in Barcelona.

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101 Startups |2 Digits Growth | Barcelona International Business Accelerator (BIBA) | BStartup | Conector | IMPACT Accelerator | Intelectium | Itnig | SeedRocket | Ship2B | The Founder Institute


Demium Startups | GameBCN | IQS Tech Factory | La Salle Technova Barcelona | Incúbame | Upstarter Incubator | Wayra

Business accelerators in Barcelona

101 startup accelerator and investment fund

101 Startups accelerator and investment fund

Who it is for: Seed-stage, but scalable startups with an innovative global vision.

What the programme does: Housed in Pier01, 101 Startups is an investment fund at heart. Its vision is encoded in its name – 101 being the highway connecting San Francisco with Silicon Valley; it wants to invest in startups and grow them into global tech giants.

Business angels and family officers can join the 101 investors club too: its aim is to make investment easy. Startups 101 selects and presents investment opportunities, and then takes care of the paperwork.

Entry requirements: To be selected, you must have an attractive, growing market, a functional MVP, a scalable business model, a balanced, and dedicated team and a global vision. Sound like you?

Key team members: Rita Amela, co-founder; Marc Borell, co-founder; Jordi Priu, co-founder.

Portfolio: Bemobile, thethings, Smadex, among others

Website: 101 Startups

2 digits growth logo

2 Digits Growth

Who it is for: Startups, franchisors, public services, foundations and others.

What the programme does: 2 Digits growth has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, and Sevilla – and others around the world. It takes ideas and turns them into business opportunities. New projects are evaluated, strategised and executed. VC investment opportunities are available.

Entry requirements: Apply online for an evaluation.

Website: 2 Digits Growth

Barcelona International Business Accelerator (BIBA)

Barcelona International Business Accelerator (BIBA)

Who it is for: Large corporates with a vision to turn innovation into scalable businesses.

What the programme does: Tagging itself as a venture partner, BIBA, which is also located in London, Milan and Lisbon, helps you develop corporate innovation.

Dip into its deep network of resources and find partnerships and talent to help you implement your strategy.

Pass through the accelerator and get:

  • A full assessment, learning which actions to take
  • Strategy: A better idea of how to tackle your growing pains. Face challenges head on and develop a deeper knowledge of your industry and market
  • Deploy and launch your product
  • A bespoke innovation programme

Key team members: Diego Fernandez, Co-founder – CEO; Alberto Ratti, Co-founder & Managing Partner BIBA Italy; Nancy Brito, Managing Partner BIBA Portugal

Portfolio: Kapersky, BBVA, Ogilvy, COMSA, among others  

Website: Biba VP

BStartup Accelerator Barcelona


Who it is for: Seed & early-stage startups offering SaaS, mobile apps, e-commerce, big data IoT, e-health, etc.

What the programme does: BStartup from Banco Sabadell is all about helping new companies get off the ground and maximising their chances of success. It provides investment, “collaborative innovation” and specialised banking offers.

There are two investment options:

  • BStartup10: Seed and early-stage startups can receive an investment of up to €100,000 alongside mentorship
  • Sabadell Venture Capital: for pre-Series A investment or venture debt post-Series A, BS offers an initial injection of €200,000 up to €1,000,000. There is also an opportunity for follow on investment of up to €2,000,000.

Entry requirements: As you might expect, a million euros won’t just land on your lap. There are a number of prerequisites, including:

A high level of commitment from an experienced founding team. An outward-facing Spanish company with an innovative value proposition, a strong product-market fit, and a ripe market with lots of potential for growth.

Key team members: Yolanda Pérez Sáez, Director

Portfolio: 21 Buttons, ADmit Therapeutics, Boxmotions, Citibox, among others.

Website: BStartup, BS Blog

Conector accelerator Seed-stage startup Barcelona


Who it is for: Seed-stage startups.

What the programme does: With accelerators in Barcelona, Madrid and Galicia, Conector is a seed-stage accelerator with quite the list of alumni. It works alongside entrepreneurs to deepen their knowledge and grow their teams – and help them get to the next level.  

Entry requirements: Apply online to be considered

What the conditions are: Conector offers:

  • Mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Access to an investment network
  • Weekly training from experts in a variety of field
  • Strategic partnerships that bring up to €400,000 in perks to accelerees. Yes, that’s a word now.
  • Free office space
  • Oh, and Risto is on the board

Notable results: €200m in investment; 126 startups accelerated (time of writing)

Key team members: Quino Fernandez, CEO;  Verity Macdonald, Operations Manager Barcelona; Gerard Olivé, Founder, Chairman & Co-CEO Antai VB, Wallapop, Glovo; Risto Mejide, Owner Aftershare TV; Carlos Blanco, Founder de Nuclio VB y Encomenda Smart Capital

Portfolio: Glovo, Meller, Kompyte, and many others

Website: Conector

IMPACT Accelerator Barcelona

IMPACT Accelerator

Who it is for: IMPACT knows it’s different strokes for different folks – and so offers 3 programmes:

  • RobotUnion
  • Growth
  • Connected Car

What the programme does: The IMPACT Accelerator is a 3-month programme with the objective to find and grow the next 4 European “superstar startups”. It’s led by ISDI and Accelerace and partners with Kibo Ventures and Invesdor.

Somewhat uniquely, startups don’t have to upsticks and move cities to be accelerated. But they can attend events, training camps and take part in other networking opportunities in Madrid, Copenhagen, London, Tel Aviv, etc.

If your startup passes through the Impact accelerator, you’ll receive €100,000 equity free, have access to a global investor network and go through a mentorship programme. Once the 3-month programme is complete, successful projects will be eligible for a further €150,000 (equity-free) funding. The final 4 startups will have the chance to get an investment of €1.5m led by Kibo Ventures.


Entry requirements: Apply online

Notable results: €10.7m invested, 154 startups accelerated (time of writing)

Key team members: Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira, Interim Director

Portfolio: Mayordomo, Nido Robotics, Workwell, e-bot7, Sensei, and many more.

Website: Impact Accelerator

Intelectium business accelerator barcelona


Who it is for: Early-stage startups and up.

What the programme does: Focusing on finding financing, Intelectium is a seed stage and Series A accelerator.

Get your first Seed and Series A rounds underway – or set your sights on an international expansion with Series B and C rounds.

The accelerator will help you develop a business plan and get you to market. Expect to be assessed fully on your technological, commercial, and financial viability so you can find the right investors.  

Entry requirements: Contact for more details

Notable results: €70m invested, 250 startups accelerated (time of writing)

Key team members: Patricio Hunt, Partner & Director; Lluis Vidal, Partner

Portfolio: Glovo, Science bits, Yego, Marfeel, Colvin co, among others.

Website: Intelectium

itnig barcelona


Who it is for: Entrepreneurs looking to grow.

What the programme does: What do you get if you cross a coworking space with a tech hub and investment fund? Itnig.

Itnig has its finger on the pulse and a lovely looking coworking space for tech companies. It offers funding of up to €100,000 and support. It is looking for “talent, insatiable drive and ambition” and aim to help you understand the market opportunity.

Entry requirements: Apply online, follow up video interview

Notable results:  Exits for Gymforless and Playfulbet

Key team members: Bernat Farrero CEO

Portfolio: Camaloon, Factorial, Parkimeter, among others.

Website: Itnig

SeedRocket early-stage startup accelerator barcelona


Who it is for: Early-stage tech innovation project with MVP.

What the programme does: At SeedRocket Startups have a common space to work in. This is designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Daily life in SeedRocket is all about work and focus. Startups may come to the accelerator through the Campus de Emprendedores programme, or through participation in Investors’ Day.

Once a month, the programme offers a training workshop. There are also breakfasts and lunches – during which time entrepreneurs share their experiences.

There’s also a VC fund available: SeedRocket 4Founders Capital. Founded in 2017,  it has 12M€, earmarked for investment in 40 startups over the next few years. Investments range from €50, 000 to €500.000 and follow-ons are on the table.

SeedRocket has a campus within Barcelona Activa and one in Madrid.

Entry requirements: Winners/participants of  Campus de Emprendedores and Investors’ Day maybe eligible. Otherwise, you may apply online. Selected startups have:

  • An MVP/first version of your project already developed.
  • A mult-italented team
  • Traction
  • A need for investment

What the conditions are: If your startup is simply selected for the programme, mentorship, training or activities, SeedRocket takes no equity. Private investment through the accelerator will have its own conditions.

Key team members: Jesús Monleón Founder and Partner SeedRocket 4Founders Capital;  Marek Fodor, General Partner; Marc Badosa, founding partner; Javier Perez Tenessa, founding partner.

Portfolio: Webphone, Novicap, Teambox, among others.

Website: SeedRocket

Ship2B  startup accelerator programme barcelona


Who it is for: Startups at various stages.

What the programme does: One of the most interesting and diverse Barcelona accelerators, Ship2B has 5 different programmes, each with its own focus; Tech4Climate, Tech4Health, Tech4Social, B-Value, and BBK Venture Philanthropy.

It offers connections and access to future partnerships, expert mentors, and a huge network of local and international partners.

When it comes to investment, Ship2B has €4m in its pockets; it puts up between €40,000 and €100,000 for first-round investments and up to €400, 000 euros in follow-ons. This is offered via Impact Equity BF and Equity4Good and powered by the European Investment Fund.

It also boasts having the first “and best” high impact investment network. This comprises over 400 members, including business angels, family offices, crowd equity platforms and VCs. Finally, its Venture Philanthropy programme offers early-stage financing alongside the Open Value Foundation and BBK

Entry requirements: Apply online.

Notable results: €30m invested, 137 startups accelerated (time of writing).

Key team members: Maite Fibla Gasparin, Co-Founder; Clara Navarro Colomer, co-founder; Xavier Pont, Director General and Co-founder

Portfolio: Psious, Adan Medical, Ciclogreen, ADmit Therapeutics, among others.

Website: Ship2B

Pre-seed startup accelerator 34th chapter barcelona

The Founder Institute

Who it is for: Pre-seed startups

What the programme does: Chapter 34 of the Founder Institute is based in Barcelona. A glittering example of Silicon Valley innovation, it takes ideas-stage, prototype-stage and early-company stage startups to the next level.

Expect to pass through a challenging process and a structured methodology. Only 35% of startups complete the acceleration, according to the FI website.

Entry requirements: After applying, you will be asked to take a Predictive Admissions Assessment, which will help determine your suitability for the programme.

Notable results: €20B portfolio value.

Key team members: Urs Rothmayr, Director Barcelona and Andalucia

Portfolio: Udemy, TravelCar, Voyhoy, and many more.

Website: FI Barcelona

Startup Incubators in Barcelona

Demium Startups incubators in barcelona

Demium Startups

Who it is for: Ideas stage startup founders / keen entrepreneurs looking for ideas and cofounders.

What the programme does:

Demium Startups is intriguing because it incubates entrepreneurs, rather than startups. It’s a pre-ideas incubator which kicks off its programme with a 3-day hackathon-type event called #AllStartup. The most promising idea and talent is selected and connected to what it calls a dream team. This team is given the tools and mentorship it needs to build a scalable startup and successful business – and is incubated for a period of six months.

Demium Startups covers a huge swathe of Spain, boasting offices In Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga and Madrid.

Entry requirements: Simply apply on the website. Business ideas are not a requirement.

What does the startup get: Training in lean startup, SCRUM and Agile methodologies; office space, access to investment network; classes; mentorship; networking.

Key team members: Aitor Sancho, Co-founder & Board Member; Jorge Dobón, Co-founder & CEO

Alumni: Panda Box, Pet Ground, Play2Speak, Dropier – among others.

Website: Demium Startups

GameBCN video game studio accelerator in barcelona


Who it is for: Ambitious video game developer teams with original ideas and lots of market potential.

What the programme does: Okay, this is something you wouldn’t expect to exist. But it does and it’s awesome. GameBCN is a video games studio incubator.

If you have a video games studio, expect to be put through your paces. You’ll receive the training and mentorship you need to get your product to market.

Launched by Incubio and Caixa Capital Risc, the incubator’s principal driver is to make small studios more professional. Incubees will leave with the ability to develop games with a “business mentality”.

The programme starts in January or February and selection is based on originality, quality, potential and experience of the development team. Teams must work from the GameBCN offices.

What the incubee gets: 90 hours of training; 30 hours mentorship; 5 months workshop space; 30 hours oflectures; 5 public events; Demo Day.

Notable results: €750,000 raised to date.

Key team members: Simon Lee, founder and Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Incubio.

Alumni: Stay, Altered Matter, Three Art Media, Herobeat studios, among others.

Website GameBCN

IQS science  startup incubator in Barcelona

IQS Tech Factory

Who it is for: It’s for multi-sector ventures, but science-based projects are given priority.

What the programme does: Taking a slightly different approach, IQS Tech Factory, is all about supporting startups through educational lectures and workshops. Providing access to business development, IP protection, as well as funding and talent, IQS is a one-stop shop. It’s been in operation since 1906. That’s kinda crazy y’all.

Tech-focused startups can expect a full technology assessment, support with product development, technical advice and business modelling. At the same time, IQS provides access to funding and relevant partnerships.

Entry requirements: Simply get in touch

Notable results: 32 startups and €16M in investments

Key team members: Oriol Pascual Moya-Angeler, Managing Director; Ena Bhalla, Head of Operations

Alumni: Mowoot, Zymvol, SmartMonkey, Sense4Care, Dr Sails, among others.

Website: IQS Tech Factory

LaSalle Technova Barcelona ideas-stage startup incubator

La Salle Technova Barcelona

Who it is for: Idea-stage startups and up.

What the programme does: La Salle Technova Barcelona offers a gamut of incubation services. Startups can work on business plans, access funding, as well as R&D and a space to work in.

Funding is available at seed stage from Caixa Capital Risc and Enisa and other there are other investment options for scaling startups.

Entry requirements: Idea-stage startups need to pass through a 3-month accelerator programme called T Start, which validates business ideas and gets them to market.

Key team members: Josep M. Piqué, Executive President

Alumni: Bluefield Research, Bliss Games, Airplane Solutions, MyWorkUp, Neurite, among others.

Website: La Salle Technova Barcelona

Upstarter Incubator Barcelona

Upstarter Incubator

Who it is for: Anyone with an idea and the motivation to see it through.

What the programme does: Upstarter Incubator is a firm believer that size does not matter. Located in London, Bristol and Barcelona, it aims to help people turn their ideas into real micro-businesses.

Working with designers and creators, Upstarter is all about rapid prototyping and reduced-risk ventures. It offers mentorship and workshops to people who don’t really think of themselves as entrepreneurs. The programme runs for up to 12 months for early-stage startups.

Key team members: Gill Wildman, Director

Alumni: Circumstance, Splash and Ripple, Lucky Sixpence Bidal, among others.

Website: Upstarter Incubator


Who it is for: Early-stage tech start ups with fully formed projects/MVPs

What the programme does: Just like an actual baby-momma, Incúbame incubates you for a maximum of 9 months. During which time, you’ll develop your goals, build your strategy, and increase the value of your business.

It states on its website that technology is the key to improving our lives and that it is keen to support projects that add value to people.

You’ll get the mentorship, training, workspace and tools you need to succeed. After 6 months’ incubation, Incúbame claims your business will have an estimated value of €100, 000, a validated business plan and all that it needs to enter an accelerator or receive angel investment.

Entry requirements: It targets early-stage startups with a project that’s already underway.

Key team members: Armando Liussi, President; Joana Sánchez, founder

Website: Incúbame

Telefonica WAYRA Early-stage startup incubator Barcelona


Who it is for: Early-stage startups.

What the programme does: Tech hub and incubator Telefonica’s WAYRA mentors, develops and fosters startups.

WAYRA invest up to €150,000 in your startup and offer business development, access to an international network of 11 startup hubs, scaling support, workspace and networking.

Entry requirements: Apply online

Notable results: €1.2B invested in WAYRA startups by 3rd parties.

Key team members: Andrés Saborido, CEO WAYRA Spain

Portfolio: 100 strong.


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