TripMedic: Talking to Olivier Marques de Brito

TripMedic: Talking to Olivier Marques de Brito

Things took a medical twist in this week’s Barna Hub. We spoke to Olivier Marques de Brito, a partner at TripMedic and business development executive with 10 years’ experience in developing online and offline businesses both for startups and established companies.

TripMedic was winner of this October’s MeltinLab startup pitch competition. It’s a much-needed solution for travellers and expats who need to book a doctor in their native language.

Olivier, take it away!

140-character pitch

TripMedic provides a fast and easy way to book a trustworthy doctor in your language, wherever you are.

You can book a doctor in your language in Barcelona in less than 2 minutes!

Tripmedic logo

Down to business

How did you come up with the idea for TripMedic?

We came to the idea through a travel experience that went wrong. The partner of the founder of the company got sick in Bangkok and he found it very hard to find a trustworthy doctor. He didn’t know exactly who to ask or where to go. From a health situation that would be easy to to solve in Europe, it became a nightmare in this case.

What has been the best part of your startup journey so far?

Getting so many reviews from patients sending us greetings for having saved their holidays by resolving their health issue so easily. It’s the best message we can receive.

Do you have any favourite online tools or resources for entrepreneurs?

As we are mainly a remote team, Podio is our favourite tool to manage all our projects.

Barcelona Insight

What should people considering living in Barcelona take into account before they arrive?

I would inform newcomers to be aware of how strong and present the Catalan culture is. It’s important to be open to embrace this beautiful culture if you want to make the most of your time here.

Other than TripMedic, what other expat or local services should new residents in BCN look out for?

More than services, I’ll recommend expat Facebook group and nationalities FB group, meetup that helps a lot to quickly socialize, get tips, integrate to a new life:

What’s your favourite spot in the city and why?

Actually it’s in my neighbourhood – I’d choose the Carmel bunker because it’s peaceful and you can see a beautiful sunrise. You are alone, peacefully contemplating the beautiful light and colours of the city.

Thanks Olivier!

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