Soy Comida Perfecta: An interview with Desiree Taboada

Soy Comida Perfecta: An interview with Desiree Taboada

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Today we spoke to Desiree Taboada, the CEO and founder of Soy Comida Perfecta (I am perfect food) – a Barcelona startup focused on ending global food waste.

The startup works by retrieving food products from supermarkets and food industry enterprises when it has been earmarked to be thrown away.  While this food is perfect for human consumption, packaging defects and other superficial issues mean it will not reach the shelves.

Soy Comida Perfecta then sells these food products at a discounted rate (of up to 80%) to users via its online supermarket ( and app. This not only avoids unnecessary waste, but it provides big savings too! Users are also notified when their products are nearing expiry – further helping us to avoid food waste.

Frankly, we think this is an awesome idea and we couldn’t wait to chat. So, Desiree, please tell us more.

Desiree Taboada, Founder of Soy Comida Perfecta
Desiree Taboada, Founder & CEO of Soy Comida Perfecta (unconnected supermarket)


Quick pitch:

1/3 of all food produced is lost or wasted yearly. We are a startup company aiming to reduce food waste. In our online supermarket, we recover products from food industry and supermarkets (damaged packaging, close to date) and sell them back with discounts up to 80%. This way, we help our users save money and raise consciousness about the topic!

It’s time to save money and save the planet!

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Down to business

What’s behind the concept of Soy Comida Perfecta?

In Soy Comida Perfecta we have clear that all quality food deserves to be valued and consumed because it is, simply, perfect. Products close to the best before date, for example, are perfect, and even if this date expires, can be eaten according to EC. Products with package imperfections, like a dented cereal box or the so-called “ugly food” are perfect enough to be consumed too.

In our project, we work together with all the stakeholders involved in food waste. It’s a win-win situation: industry companies get incomes when there were only losses, users save money daily buying our products with discounts, and we all help the planet reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

Do you have any tips to help our readers reduce food waste at home?

Sure! First, check the date labelling of your products and be sure of what it means: the EC says “use by” means food can be eaten up only until the end of the date, not later because there may be health risks. “Best before” means that, after this date arrives, food may no longer be at its best quality, but there’s no health risk: “judge for yourself”, like your mum or grandma did!

Also check the fridge before going to the supermarket, make a list and practice FIFO (first in, first out) so that you have all the dates under control!

What are the long term goals for I am perfect food?

Our long term goal is to grow our project throughout Spain and, then Europe, with the aim to prevent massive food waste and destruction.

Barcelona Insight

What other ethical startups should we be watching out for in Barcelona?

We really like Lendi, an ethical app to share objects and values with neighbours and strengthen the community.

What makes Barcelona a great place to start a business?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, full with great diversity. It has a strong global technology ecosystem to help grow startups, and private associations like Barcelona Tech City, helping promote this tech brand in the international marketplace.

If you had one day left in Barcelona, how would you spend it?

I would spend it walking for sure, crossing Passeig de Gracia towards El Born and then directly to the beach. You can go across the whole city on foot!


How can we find you online?


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