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In this installment of Barna Hub we are lucky enough to talk to the co-founders of Spitche. Kévin Markowski (CEO) and Matthieu Astarita (CMO) have recently launched their brand new social media management and ambassador engagement tool all rolled into one.

As if that’s not enough, the pair are also the co-founders of the popular Meltin’ Afterwork Event – a regular Barcelona networking night where you can meet other entrepreneurs, startup founders, and a lot of great people.

Take it away guys!

Spitche social media and ambassador platform

140 character pitch:

Spitche gamifies social media management for brands & their ambassadors, offering rewards to fans who share content with their friends.


Come and meet us Tuesday 24th of October at the next Meltin’ Afterwork Event

Listen to some great talks and meet like-minded entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts based in Barcelona! Our partner AmoVino will be present as usual to serve you some top Catalan wines.

Down to business

Kevin and Matthieu from Spitche
Matthieu (L) and Kévin (R), co-founders of Spitche
Why did you want to found your own startup?

Before Spitche, we both used to work for large companies. Making changes or improving procedures would take forever and often needed approval from above. This lack of freedom was frustrating, because we are the kind of people who are full of ideas and want to create new things.

We like it when things move quickly and make things better for everyone. So we decided to partner and create our own company.

What’s the best startup resource or tool online and why is it useful?

For us, the best resource is our network and the people supporting our startup. We know people with a lot of experience in creating startups and successful businesses, as well as in fundraising and digital marketing.

That’s why we created Meltin’ Afterworks networking events here in Barcelona. It has allowed us to meet new people in the same industry who can give us feedback and also find potential partners who we can work with and exchange ideas.

The startup scene is growing fast here in Barcelona, let’s all hope it keeps going like this!

If you could have more of one of these things in your life, what would it be and why: money, time, contacts, coffee?

Definitely Time.

It’s horrible to see how fast the days go by – it seems like we don’t have enough time for anything. It’s essential for us to prioritise tasks every single day and make sure the business is moving forward. If a day could last 48 hours, that would be amazing.

Hubbub: Tell us about it!

Barcelona Insight

What’s the coolest place to work in in Barcelona?
cloud cowork
Startup Event at CloudCoWorking, Barcelona (Photo: Dan Shepherd)

There are a lot of places with great work environments here in Barcelona.

The OneCowork at the marina has amazing views of all the yachts. Then there’s CloudCoWorking, which hosts a lot of international events.

In terms of cafes we are very fond of Generator and Bicioci bike cafe in Gracia. But don’t tell anyone, we want to keep them just for us 🙂

If you had to leave Barcelona tomorrow, forever, where would you have your last meal?


This is where we like to take our friends who come to Barcelona on holiday. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great Maradona Burger, stunning views of Barceloneta beach and some cool drinks.

Hubbub Team: Sold.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business in Barcelona?

Just go for it! It costs almost nothing to start a business today – you can even do it on the side while working or studying.

Our motto is you never fail, you only learn! The only thing that you need to start is a good network – you’ll only miss out if you don’t try.

Leave us on a cliff hanger:

We’ll soon have some great news about Meltin’ Afterworks for people who are at the very early stages of their businesses.

Hubbub team: We’re intrigued! It was great talking to you guys. We’re off to MakaMaka right now. 

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