Top people, places and tools from the Barna Hub community

Top people, places and tools from the Barna Hub community

Tools and resources from Barna Hub

We’ve brought together some of the top tools, places and events for startups and entrepreneurs – as recommended by the Barna Hub community. Use them well and they will help you take your business to the next level. We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.

Top tools for communication and growth

Teleport digital nomad tool
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If you want to move abroad for work, but aren’t sure where you want to settle down, then Teleport might just have the answer for you.

Julien Palier – co-founder and CEO at Daysk – is a fan of the tool, which offers a detailed overview your country of choice. Perfect for location-independent entrepreneurs: try it out and get a better insight into your next destination.

slack startup communication
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Slack is definitely one of best team communications tools out there. We use it at Hubbub Labs and it also comes highly recommended by Gemma Prenafeta, CEO and cofounder of Sharify.

The platform allows you to talk and share files in real time. It also integrates with a number of key apps, making running your organisation far simpler. Best of all, it connects your team and community without having to resort to creaky old email.

Tim Cakir, a Barcelona-based growth hacking expert, also shared some of his favourite tools with us:

growth hack tools
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Dux-Soup is an automated Linkedin tool for lead generation. It helps to optimise your sales strategy by automatically visiting Linkedin profiles, boosting awareness and increasing your reach.

discounts on business tools
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If you’re interested in growth hacking helps you save some money. It gives you an overview of different software and shares the best deals to help you grow your business.

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Another great tool is Phantom Buster which gives you ready-made cloud API’s to help improve your marketing.

Places for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

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Soho House is the coolest place to work for Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida.
Apart from the unique location and atmosphere this place offers inspirational events for its members.


Ben Nachoom – Co-Founder & CEO at OneCoWork heads up one of the best co-working spaces in Barcelona. Located at the port in Marina Port Vell, the company aims to bring together talent and foster innovation in a cool, work-friendly atmosphere.

They’ll be opening another co-working space in Plaça Catalunya very soon – so watch this space!

Right in the centre, close to La Rambla, the coworking space FIU House offers a cozy atmosphere and regularly organises great art, design and startup events for its members.

Entrepreneur resources

Guillem Soldevila the Founder and Creator of Brand Your Shoes recommends Barna Hub readers two entrepreneur-focused resources:

Acció Catalunya is ideal for people who want to start a business in Catalonia and need help with establishing an USP for their product or service.

Barcelona Tech City is also interesting for entrepreneurs – this organisation works in Barcelona’s digital and tech sectors and connects companies throughout the city.

Along similar lines, we are also big fans of Barcelona Activa, an EU-supported initiative that helps small businesses get off the ground. It offers funding, workshops, mentorship and a range of key resources for entrepreneurs in the city.

Unmissable business events in and around Barcelona

Coming up in August, Freedom X is the first outdoor event where “work and life come together”. Aimed at digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, the festival combines workshops, talks, and outdoor activities. Think Burning Man meets Web Summit and you’ll get the idea.

SheCommerce is a workshop for female entrepreneurs. Aiming to inspire and provide confidence to the next generation of women in e-Commerce, it is set to be a huge success. The event takes place on July 17th from 11:00-17:00 and tickets cost €59.

And wait! You don’t want to miss Fuckup Nights Barcelona – where failure stories, beer and fun come together. Come along to enjoy a great atmosphere, learn a lot, and meet new people from around the world. The next event will take place on July 5th from 19:00-22:00.

For more you can check out Barna Hub, our new series of blog posts where you can find out and learn more from different interviews with Barcelona-based entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs.

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