Hubbub Labs at InnovateELT: Be part of the solution

Hubbub Labs at InnovateELT: Be part of the solution

In the six years that InnovateELT, has been running, it has become renowned for its inclusivity, spirit of exploration and position at the cutting edge of language teaching. That’s why we’re excited to say that Hubbub Labs is a new organising partner of this year’s conference alongside Oxford TEFL and LearnJam

InnovateELT20 is being held at Oxford TEFL, Carrer de la Diputació, 279, Barcelona 15-16th May 2020. Tap here for tickets.

What to expect at InnovateELT

Attendees will tell you that InnovateELT is a fresh, exciting event in the conference calendar – and this year is no different. 

Be part of the solution will cover:

  • Employability: giving English language students relevant, future-proofed skills so they are prepared for an uncertain jobs market
  • Sustainability: the responsibility in the wake of the global climate crisis to focus on positive and practical action within the ELT industry
  • Our changing world: the wider context of changes in education, employment and the environment

….And lots of practical ideas for the classroom!

Where does Hubbub Labs come in?

We’ve got history with InnovateELT. Our Director of Operations  Dan helped to organise the first couple of years of the conference as part of his role at Oxford House as Director of Studies. He also presented at the conference in its third year, sharing his ELT expertise. And in 2018, he and our Creative Director George ran a pre-conference workshop on education marketing – giving conference attendees the tools to create and execute a killer content marketing strategy for their education business.  

Why are we well placed to co-run the conference?

The Hubbub team has decades of collective experience in the world of education and marketing. One of our main areas of marketing expertise is helping startups and education companies to grow. The iELT conference meets perfectly at this intersection of tech, innovation and education – it’s a match made in heaven. 

Pre-conference workshops 

The InnovateELT call for papers received over 100 responses from ELT professionals keen to share their expertise at this year’s event. The programming team is spoilt for choice this year! We’ll be sharing details of the programme when it’s finalised. But for now, we can confirm four pre-conference Friday workshops: 

Workshop 1. Learning Design Jam with Jo Sayers and Lucy Williams

This workshop is an exploration of how people learn. You’ll find out how to use a set of key pedagogical principles to set up the best learning environment for your students and tackle some learning design challenges head-on, in teams!

Workshop 2. Video & Story with Jamie Keddie 

This workshop explores the practical principles of storytelling and how to apply them to video activities. You’ll leave with lots of new ideas for using video and story to engage your class. Get your students thinking, speaking, reading, writing, problem-solving and more. 

Workshop 3: Dyslexia in the Classroom with Martin Bloomfield

The workshop will be interactive and multi-sensory, focusing on practical ideas to help students, but also designed to make the teacher’s life easier. You’ll come away with a robust understanding of dyslexia and some useful and easy-to-apply methods of supporting dyslexic students to fulfil their potential.  

Workshop 4: Moving towards sustainable ELT with Jenny Johnson and Loraine Kennedy

Concern about the climate emergency is all over the news. It forefronts environmental considerations to such an extent that we cannot now avoid thinking about what part we, the ELT community, play in it all. This workshop is all about considering what actions we can take. We’ll be comparing and sharing obstacles, and setting the course for a more sustainable approach to teaching and learning. 

You can register for the pre-conference events here. 

Looking to the future

Over the last six months, we’ve seen a lot of buzz around how educators can equip learners with future-proof skills. There’s also a sense of building ambition around creating a sustainable, climate-friendly model for the ELT industry to follow. 

In partnering with the Innovate ELT conference, we’re making sure that Hubbub Labs is right at the heart of the action. We’re excited about taking part in the industry conversation along with our clients and partners, looking to the future of ELT and making sure we’re ready for the exciting new challenges which lie ahead. 

Join us and get inspired!

If you’re interested in being part of the solution, mark the 15th and 16th of May in your calendar and book your conference ticket

Hubbub Labs is a content marketing agency that helps startups and education companies grow. Book a 15-minute chat with us to talk about your marketing needs.

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