This is for entrepreneurs who want to create better lives for others

This is for entrepreneurs who want to create better lives for others

17 October – 24 November

NETMENTORA CATALUNYA is a non-profit initiative for entrepreneurs and startups based here in Catalonia.

The private, European business network has supported entrepreneurial initiatives for more than 30 years, with 120 associations in ten countries.

Its mission is to work with entrepreneurs to improve and consolidate their businesses, in turn creating employment opportunities and developing local economies.

What’s happening?

The 1st convocatory for entrepreneurs—17 October – 24 November 2017—was created in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, a Netmentora member.

Among other things, successful applicants can receive:

– Up to 3 years of business support from experienced entrepreneurs

– 0% interest loans

– Access to a network in 10 countries

– And more

Who is it for?

The organisation is looking for entrepreneurial projects that benefit society at large – for example, initiatives that create jobs through the building of homes for children and older people, homes for the differently-abled, and the creation of innovative and sustainable environments.

How do I apply?

For more information and to apply for the programme visit the Netmentora Website (Spanish Language).

Follow the organisation:

Twitter: @NetmentoraCat

Linkedin: Netmentora Catalunya


Hubbub Labs is proud to support Netmentora Catalunya.

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