Barcelona and Startups: “Emprendimiento” a Free Lunch Podcast with Corpore Wear

Barcelona and Startups: “Emprendimiento” a Free Lunch Podcast with Corpore Wear

By George Chilton, Creative Director of Hubbub Labs, a content and digital marketing agency based in Barcelona.


Earlier this year, I was honoured to take part in an interview with Mike Manganillo. I was invited on his excellent Free Lunch podcast alongside entrepreneur and writer Michael Thomson, co-owner of Corpore Wear.

We had a great time talking about Barcelona, Silicon Valley, the risks and rewards of Entrepreneurship – and much more.

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Read more about Barcelona on The Next Web

In this article in The Next Web, I expand on our points in the podcast. I take a look at how the Barcelona startup scene is different to Silicon Valley:

Barcelona isn’t the next Silicon Valley – and that’s a good thing.

Here you can read more about the challenges that Spain faces as a country and the leaps and bounds Barcelona has taken in recent years. I also go into the initiatives, funding and programmes available for startups in the city. And you can read about what Sançar Şahin, the Director of marketing at Typeform has to say about Barcelona, and why it will never be Silicon Valley (but really, we don’t want it to be).

About Corpore Wear

Corpore Wear manufactures and sells a posture enhancing undershirt. The company was founded around 3 years ago in Barcelona by Michael’s business partner, Albert Moreno. The Italian-made shirts work wonders by gently coaxing you into sitting and standing with good posture. Not only do you look better when you put one on, but you feel better, exuding confidence and improving your body language at the same time.

The best thing about Corpore Wear’s undershirt, in my opinion, is that they are unintrusive and comfortable – yet they have an immediate effect on your well-being.

The shirts are available to buy in the U.S. and Europe:



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About Free Lunch by Clean Publishing

Mike Manganillo’s free podcast dives into a whole range of topics, from startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, even beer and SXSW.

Expect fun, irreverent chats, with lots of interesting questions (he kept us on our toes). I’ve come to be a big fan of the show and I highly recommend listening on the drive home…or during your lunch hour, of course.

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Let us know what you think. Have you based your business in Barcelona or would you consider relocating here?


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