News Hub – happy coders and angry presidents

News Hub – happy coders and angry presidents

The last Friday of August is upon us and it’s nearly time to get back to school. What’s been happening this week? Trump shouted at Google, Facebook noticed some dubious ad targeting options on its platform, Girls Who Code received a big donation from Lyft passengers and Americans are spending lots of money. Read on and enjoy the headlines.

Personal Branding

Want to know how to build a strong personal brand online?

Luca Dell’oro, the Marketing and communications professor at ESEI international business school, breaks down exactly what it takes to develop a great reputation online. It’s not easy, it’s not fast – but if you do it right, it’s certainly worth the effort.

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One million dollars…for Girls Who Code

Micro-donations from ride sharing service Lyft have totalled $1M for Girls Who Code in just a year. Lyft allows commuters to round up their fares and donate their change to a charitable organisation. Girls Who Code has a mission to end the gender gap in tech – currently only a quarter of data scientists are women, according the TechCrunch.

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Three startup experts share their views on good advice

George Chilton makes his debut on CrunchBase, interviewing Microsoft General Manager Dave Mendlen, Angel investor and Lifograph CEO Déa Wilson, and Tribe Leader at Escape the City Jonny Miller. They give founders and entrepreneurs some cracking tips on how to evaluate advice.

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Social media

Facebook cuts 5k custom audience Ad targeting options

The marketing platform is cutting 5000 audience targeting options in a bid to end racial discrimination in real estate advertising. Facebook was forced to respond to a complaint from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development which accused it of violating the Fair Housing Act.

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Consumer confidence is sky high U.S.

American shoppers haven’t been this happy in 18 years, according to the U.S. Conference Board. The upshot is, spending is likely to increase and the Trump administration will hit its target of 3% annual economic growth. 

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Yuck, Politics

It’s Trump and he is bashing Google, Facebook and Twitter

Yes, Twitter. Trump is disappointed with the negative news about him that surfaces on all these platforms. Blaming liberal censorship, he has had a pop at each – with a vague threat that they were “treading on very, very troubled territory”. Troubling indeed. 

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