News Hub – fly me to the moon

News Hub – fly me to the moon

We’ll lead the news this week with a content marketing interview with Hubbub Labs and Cassandra Naji. We’ll also look at investment in southeast Asia, some crazy flying robots and take you to the moon and back. Let’s go!

Hubbub Labs

Talking Content Marketing with Cassandra Naji

Dan and George sat down with the delightful Cassandra Naji and spoke about running a content marketing agency in Barcelona, the realities for a working writer and the future of the startup scene in Spain. We had a great time chatting and hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

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A robot so fly you’ll want one

Built like a fruit fly, only with a wingspan of more than one foot, DelFly can reach 15 miles an hour and change directions on a dime. A true innovation, it might well spark new types of drones and flying machines of the future.

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$100M fund for Golden Gate Ventures in Southeast Asia

The $100M fund, run by Vinnie Lauria, Jeffrey Paine and Paul Bragiel will focus on startup development southeast Asia. This is an astute move at a time when, globally, online growth is hard to find. For Indonesia, however, things are accelerating with greater connectivity and access to mobile tech.

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Crazy Startups

SpaceX going to the moon, for realz

SpaceX has bagged its first customer for a trip around the moon on the Big Falcon Rocket… at some point in the future. We’ll find out who is travelling and why early next week. So watch this space (pun intended).

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France takes steps to protect ICO investors

France is requiring initial coin offerings (ICOs) to provide safeguards and guarantees to investors. Companies will need to apply for permits in order to raise capital in this way in future.

We’ll see if the rest of Europe follows suit, but it’s about time we moved crypto from the “wild west” to the suburbs. Tres bien, France, tres bien.

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