News Hub – Facebook gets amorous in Colombia

News Hub – Facebook gets amorous in Colombia

Extra, extra read all about it! In this week’s News Hub we focus on social media, looking at Facebook’s new dating service and a return to a chronological timeline for Twitter. We also read about “people marketing” from AdAge (is there any other kind?) and helpful little Moz gives us link building advice. There are some social media tools from The Next Web, so be sure to read on.

Social Media

Facebook gets amorous in Colombia

It’s sexy time in Colombia. Facebook has rolled out its Tinder-killing dating service. At least – that’s what it’s aiming for. The mobile-only feature centres around finding a long-term match, rather than just a swipe right for the night.

Perhaps this will re-engage a younger audience as Zuckerberg clearly hopes. Or maybe it’ll just increase the STD rate among our single grandparents. We wait with bated breath.

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Twitter goes back to the future

Things are all out of order on Twitter. The service moved away from chronological timelines a while ago to prioritise popular tweets. But it has returned to the good old days and is now offering the chance to view your feed in a more straightforward, chronological way. See what it had to say on Vox, and rejoin the space-time continuum. 

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How to

Top new social media tools

The Next Web asked the Young Entrepreneurs Council if it liked gadgets. Here are the results. A selection of interesting tools that help social media managers and content marketers navigate the ever shifting world of online networks. You’ll probably find something you can use in this list.

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How to improve your link building workflow

Oh Moz, we love you. Especially when it comes to things like SEO and link building workflows. In this article it offers a very helpful outreach pipeline link building spreadsheet – thanks Moz, you’re the best.

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What’s people marketing? Isn’t that just marketing?

Interviewee Jeanniey Mullen talks about the power of social networks and micro-influencers. By dropping the fact that a person, on average, reaches 50,000 connections online a year, she shows us how we can use our own staff to build an impressive brand online. 

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Google controls everything, right down to the smallest pixel

Google is so power hungry it’s now controlling your phone’s battery use. At least that’s our takeaway from this article. It accidentally pushed an internal test to Pixel users, putting many phones on power saving mode. Whether this is a huge deal or not, it’s a bit disconcerting someone in an office many thousands of miles away could start playing with your phone settings.

Wait, is my webcam light blinking?

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