News Hub – sad billionaires and fake selfies

News Hub  – sad billionaires and fake selfies

News Hub

It’s been a whirlwind week for the Hubbub Labs team. After an outstanding weekend at Freedom X Fest, we’ve been left catching up on the news. And what a time to be alive! From embarrassing selfies to open letters to billionaires, the startup world has been been right on form.

Content Marketing

Need more clicks on your content?

This article from Hubspot outlines seven tried and tested ways to get more engagement and make the most of your content. From being too interesting to ignore all the way through to making mistakes, there are lots of top tips.

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Embarrassment for Huawei

Much like that Chinese Zoo that tried to pass off a big dog as a lion a few years ago, Huawei has been caught out. In a recent campaign for the Nova 3, the tech company allegedly used images and video from a DSLR camera and insinuated they were shot on the phone. According to Engadget, it’s not the first time the company has used deceptive marketing.

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Social Media

Facebook is rating you

Facebook has revealed that it is now scoring users based on trustworthiness in an attempt to stem the tide of fake news and prioritise reliable content…but it won’t tell us how it’s doing so. An opaque algorithm ranking your integrity? Not fans…  

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An hour deadline to remove terrorism-related content

The EU is coming down hard on social media networks that fail to remove  extremist content within an hour. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could all be affected by heavy fines if they do not comply.

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Root Insurance and the birth of a unicorn

Is there anything more beautiful than a unicorn? This week we were blessed with another valuation north of $1 billion when Ohio-based Root Insurance raised $100 million in a Series D funding round led by Tiger Global.

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Arianna Huffington dishes out some sound advice

We hope you are listening Elon, because Ms. Huffington has some good advice for you. In this open letter, she outlined what makes a sustainable, healthy workplace – and cites some excellent studies. Well worth a read, especially if you are planning on building your own empire.

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