The Ultimate Guide to Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

The Ultimate Guide to Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

Is there a coworking space near me in Barcelona? Yes, yes there is. A million.

021Coworking | 3D Coworking | 7dos Coworking | Agitacion Coworking | Alpha Espai | Aurea Coworking | Atta33 | Attico | aPocaPoc | BCN575 Coworking | BCNewt | Betahaus | Blitz Coworking | Cahoot | Camaleó Photograph & Video Design | City Work BCN | Cloudworks | Cobuilder Hub | Cowork Idea | Coworking Platon | CREC | Depot Lab | Domènech 7 | Espai Born | Factory 103 | Felisa Cowork | Garden Coworking | Hortensia | Jungle Coworking | La Hormigonera | La Vaca Coworking ???? | La Vitrina | LoftCowork | MG Coworking | Makers of Barcelona (MOB) | Maui Beach Coworking | Moda 22 Makers | MeetBCN | OneCoWork | Pipoca Coworking | Spaces | Start2bee | Talent Garden Barcelona | The Foundery | TransfoLAB BCN | Transforma BCN | Utopicus | WeWork | Zamness

Fed up with working from home or bumming around in cafés? We hear you. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about finding a comfortable coworking space, with all the facilities you need to start crushing it.

Barcelona has a wealth of coworking offices – big and small – and all have their own perks; from the free coffee and beautiful design at OneCoWork to the fantastic networking opportunities and creative energy of MOB.

In this post we compare spaces and prices. Where possible we do so using like-for-like comparisons, using full-time flexible desks (work where you like, when you like) as a base-line. Occasionally, this service is not available, so we use the closest alternative possible.

Why not try your next coworking space on for size?

Coworking spaces tend to be more than just a desk and a fast internet connection. Instead, they are usually built around a concept or a philosophy. You’ll find green spaces, maker spacers, tech hubs, art workshops and community-first offices… some of which will work well for your team and others, well, not so much.

If you want to try a coworking space on for size, without making a commitment, Barcelona Coworking Days creates FREE coworking meetups in different spaces around the city, twice a month.

Join 30 – 50 other coworkers on a trip to a new coworking and experience what each one is actually like, without paying a penny.

Find out more at

And remember, if you don’t want to commit to just one coworking space, Cowork 7×24 has a Coworking Pass that gives you access to a handful of unique spaces in your city so you can work from various locations!

On to the list! We hope it’s helpful.

021Coworking – @22 Poblenou

What’s it like? A local feel, with workshops, talks and networking opportunities. It’s a reasonably-priced coworking space right in the heart of the @22 Barcelona startup zone in the Poble Nou neighbourhood.

Flex: €195

Website: 021Coworking

Address: Carrer Badajoz 88 bajos

Opens: 8am to 8pm opening times, Monday to Friday.

3D Coworking – Montjuic

What’s it like? Located inside Poble Espanyol, 3D Coworking offers basic desks, a kitchen wifi and the usual coworking services. On top of this, though, the space is ideal for makers: you also have access to 3D printers, machinery and a workshop. It’s somewhat rustic, but certainly an excellent cost-effective option for those looking for a genuine maker-space in a lovely area of the city.

Flex: €100

Address: Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13

Opens: 9am-7pm

7dos – Gràcia

What’s it like? 7dos has two spaces separated by a little outdoor chill out area. Offering basic desks, pallet-style furniture, wifi, printer a small kitchen and reception area, it’s not high end, but it is good value for money.

Flex: €120

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 72

Opens: 24/7

Agitacion Coworking – Gràcia

What’s it like? A bad name in English, for sure, but don’t let that put you off. One of the most cost-effective fixed-desk solutions on this list, Agitacion offers 24/7 access, a small kitchen, terrace and a decent work space. It’s not high end, but it’s a good option if you’re just starting out. Ideal for marketers, programmers, designers, etc.

Fixed: €115

Website: Agitacion

Address: Carrer Sant Domenech 11 Bajos

Opens: 24/7

Alpha Espai – Poblenou

What’s it like? Alpha Espai offers new members a free trial week, which seems rather fair to us. With nice stainless steel features and some interesting design touches, it feels like a place you could get stuff done. It has a good list of services too – including a changing room and shower facilities, a feature in its web directory, management consultancy, reception and other regular coworking offers.

Flex: €210

Website: Alpha Espai

Address: Carrer Pere IV, 214, Entresuelo 

Opens: 9am – 7pm, Monday to Friday

Aurea – Gràcia

What’s it like? Brick walls and clean workspaces, it looks professional but compact. Not one for big teams, but single entrepreneurs and two-somes might find it’s a good space to try out. Full coworking services as you’d expect, including; meeting rooms, wifi, printers, furniture and kitchen area.

Flex: €220

Website: Aurea Coworking

Address: C/ Sant Gabriel 22

Opens: 24/7

Atta33 – Poblenou

What’s it like? A maker space and workshop/coworking space, Atta33 offers 3D printing, laser cutting, and 2D and 3D machine cutting. The company also offers these services professionally if you are not proficient yourself.

Flex: Not listed

Website: Atta33

Address: Carrer de Tànger, 33

Opens: 9am- 6pm (Google listing)

Attico Barcelona – Eixample, Hospitalet and Poblenou

What’s it like? We’ve only visited the space in Urquinaona, but we enjoyed the rooftop terrace. It’s a friendly, international space with tons of interesting startups, events and networking opportunities. You can also enjoy free coffee, take a shower, park your bike and even join the gym.

Flex: €199


Address; Urquinaona: Ronda Sant Pere, 52, 08010 Barcelona; Poblenou: Passeig de Gràcia Faria, 49, Barcelona; Rambla Marina, 456, Hospitalet

Opens: 24/7

aPocaPoc – @22 Poblenou

What’s it like?

aPOCaPoc has a touch of green about it. With sustainable furniture and a garden space, it’s a relaxing space to work on your creations. Including Skype booths, wellness rooms, and meeting rooms, we especially like the eco-friendly slant and the community-first approach. This coworking space claims to promote a lifestyle that reduces the community’s ecological footprint and makes a positive global impact.

Flex: from €147


Address: Carrer d’Àlaba, 100

Opens: 9am – 5pm, Monday Friday

BCN575 Coworking – Eixample

What’s it like? A basic, professional space with private meeting areas, kitchen and a range of access options in a well-connected, central location.

Flex: €225

Website: BCN575 Coworking

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 575; Bailén 71, Mezzanine 4

Opens: 24/7

BCNewt – @22 Poblenou

What’s it like? A nice light space with a roof terrace, BCNewt is another coworking office located in the heart of the up-and-coming startup district of @22 in Poblenou. It’s a basic space that does the job, offering regular amenities, meeting rooms, and bicycle parking.

Flex: €150


Address: Calle Pere IV, 74

Opens:  8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday (24/7 for all access members)

Betahaus – Gràcia

What’s it like? Cool. Definitely cool. Betahaus boasts an international network, contents insurance for members and a very start-uppy vibe: it’s “open code, undone, incomplete and always changing.”

Flex: €179


Address: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7

Opens:  24/7

Blitz Coworking – Gràcia

What’s it like? Cosy and fairly basic, with meeting rooms, outdoor space and dining area.

Flex: €150

Website: Blitz Coworking Gracia

Address:Carrer Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55, 4to 2a

Opens: 24/7

Cahoot – Sant Antoni

cahoot coworking space barcelona
Image credit: Coworking days / Cahoot Coworking

What’s it like? High ceilings and a space well suited for collaboration, Cahoot is industrial, yet slick. It has two floors with private offices, fixed desks, hot desks and meeting rooms. It also offers event hosting.

Flex: €180

Website: Cahoot

Address: Carrer de Floridablanca 92

Opens: 24/7 (flex: 9am – 9pm)

Camaleó Photograph & Video Design – Born

What’s it like? Centrally located Camaleó is aimed at freelancers and photographers/videographers in Barcelona. It has 500m2 space, which includes a work area and a photography studio. It also offers meeting rooms, a lounge a large terrace, lockers and a discount on renting photographic equipment for members.

Flex: €120 – minimum 3 months’ stay

Website: Camaleó Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Sant Pere Mitjà, 67

Opens: 24/7

City Work BCN – Gràcia

What’s it like? All the services you need – including coffee, security, meeting rooms and a reception area, City Work BCN is a mid-level coworking space. At the end of the day it provides basic desks and an open workspace. It looks fine if you want to put your head down and work, but aside from a few indoor plants, lacks the pizzazz of more design-orientated spaces. One plus point is that it hosts events – though it’s unclear what those events are.

Flex: €210

Website: City Work BCN

Address: Travessera de Gràcia 73-79, 3º, 2ª.

Opens: 7am – 9.30pm Monday to Friday; 9am – 1pm Saturday

Cloudworks – various locations

What’s it like? One of the larger coworking operators, Cloudworks has coworking spaces in Barcelona such as Sant AntoniPasseig de GràciaSagrada Família[email protected] and somewhere called Madrid. It offers a full range of services, as you might expect for such a rapidly expanding coworking office.

Flex: from €170.

Website: Cloudworks

Address: Various, see website

Opens: 24/7

Cobuilder Hub – Eixample

Cobuilder hub: coworking spaces near me in Barcelona
Image credit: Coworking days / Cobuilder Hub, Barcelona

What’s it like? CoBuilder Hub has a lovely terrace and a range of flexible working and private office space. It promotes events and networking – and there’s a fun collaborative atmosphere.

Flex: €150


Address: Passatge de Gaiolà, 13

Opens: 24/7

Cowork Idea – Raval

What’s it like? Cowork Idea has a range of workspaces, chill out areas and private offices. It is ideally located in central Barcelona between Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Universitat and offers a full range of coworking services, including whiteboards, IP phones and event hosting.

Flex: €180

Website: Cowork Idea

Address: Carrer Torres i Amat 21, 1º

Opens: 24/7

Coworking Platon – Eixample

What’s it like? With something of a stylish studio feel, this coworking space feels more local than international. Meeting rooms, fixed desks and offices available.

Fixed: €185

Website: Coworking Platon

Address: Calle Balmes 177, 3rd floor

Opens: 24/7

CREC – Poble Sec, Eixample, Sabadell

What’s it like? CREC offers big open spaces, a full-featured office and are making a concerted effort to build a community. As a result, it has built a good reputation in the city.

Flex: €185

Website: CREC

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 672; Carrer de Blesa, 27

Opens: 8am – 9pm, Monday to Friday

Depot Lab – Eixample and Gràcia

Image Courtesy of Depot Lab

What’s it like? Billed as the creative coworking space, Depot Lab offers office space, accommodation and event hosting and support.

Flex: €99

Website: Depot Lab

Address: Bruc 149, Barcelona; Joaquim Ruyra 9-11

Opens: 8.30am – 8pm, Monday-Friday

Domènech 7 – Gràcia

What’s it like? Domènech 7 gives you 5m2 to make your own. It has boasts a kitchenette, bike rack and reception area. Good for small teams, not so good for those who need to use the phone all day.

Flex: €159

Website: Domènech 7

Address: Carrer Domènech 7-9

Opens: 24/7

Espai Born – Born

What’s it like? Espai born is full of character. Built out of a converted bakery, it has a unique aesthetic with lots of design touches. The coworking space offers an arcade, kitchen, TV, and the usual range of coworking facilities, it also hosts a number of events.

Flex:  €69-€99

Website: Espai Born

Address: Carrer Vigatans, 11

Opens: 24/7

Factory 103 – Eixample

What’s it like? Wide open, light space with a communal sofa, table football and kitchenette – where a lot of creative cooking takes place. It’s a great place to make films and host events. Free trials on Wednesday mornings.

Flex: €159

Website: Factory 103

Address: Carrer Mallorca 103

Opens: 24/7

Felisa Cowork – Eixample

What’s it like? A compact space with basic facilities, some pricing packages include consulting and coaching.

Flex: €165

Website: Felisa Cowork

Address: Carrer Rosello 295,  Bajo Derecha

Opens: 24/7 access

Garden Coworking – Gràcia

What’s it like? The coworking space has a kitchen, high ceilings and several rows of desks. With creeping plants on the walls, it has a very “Gràcia” feel to it.

Fixed standard: €175

Website: Garden Coworking

Address: Carrer Planeta 12

Opens: 24/7 access

Hortensia – Horta

What’s it like? Hortensia cowork promotes ‘sloworking’. It has a cozy atmosphere and claims to be friendly-doggy-friendly. It has three rooms and 75m2 of space; along with the shared tables, you have a meeting room, green areas, and a quirky decor. Somewhat unusually, fixed-desk pricing is cheaper than hot desk pricing (€130 v €160). Due to its size, this appears Ideal for freelancers, digital nomads and solo-entrepreneurs.

Fixed: € 130 euros per month

Website: Available on Facebook

Address: C/ de la Vall d’Ordessa, 7 – Botiga 2

Opens: – 9am – 9pm, Monday – Friday (24/7 member access)

Jungle Coworking – Poblenou

What’s it like? Doubling as a photo studio, Jungle coworking is a small space that immerses you in plants and greenery. It certainly has a unique approach to a shared office space – but with only 12 desks, it’s not the place for a big team.

Fix: €170

Website: Jungle coworking

Address: Carrer Marina 68

Opens: 9am – 8pm

La Hormigonera – Sants

What’s it like? Professional space, with a meeting table, kitchen and outdoor patio. As part of La Hormigonera cultural collective (COL·LECTIU CULTURAL), 95% of the space is made up of recycled materials.

Flex: €170

Website: La Hormigonera


Opens: 9.00am – 8.30pm, Monday – Friday

La Vaca Coworking – Poble Sec

La Vaca Coworking in Barcelona
Image courtesy of La Vaca Coworking in Barcelona

What’s it like? You used to be able to buy milk in La Vaca, now you can go to work. The website promises a cool vibe. At least, its mascot – a cow with some pretty rad sunglasses – does. The old dairy shop has an interesting decor, with interesting design features and high ceilings. Aimed mostly at freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs, it has all the usual coworking features – alongside videos games, a pool table, books, afterworks and “paella days”. Yum.

Flex: €175

Fixed desk: €220

Website: La Vaca

Address: Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19 

Opens: 9am – 8 pm

La Vitrina – Hospitalet

What’s it like? La Vitrina seems like a place with a big focus on socialising, and popup events. It offers event space, basic facilities, desks and multi-purpose rooms.

Flex: €121

Website: La Vitrina

Address: Carrer de l’Església, 69 (Hospitalet)

Opens: 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday (According to Google)

LoftCowork – @22 – Poblenou

What’s it like? This is a design-focused coworking space, with natural light and a professional atmosphere: it’s clear the founders take design an architecture seriously. Services include use of tools and machinery, kitchen, among other regular coworking facilities.  

Flex: from €210

Website: LoftCowork

Address: Pl. Jose Mª Huertas Claveria, 3 1º3ª

Opens: 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday

MG Coworking – Eixample

What’s it like? Basic office facilities, some private office space available. Includes a kitchenette and bathroom. The business also offers a co-working mangement service.

Fixed: €80 – €115

Website: MG Coworking

Address: Calle del Bruc, 168;  Carrer de Casp, 79

Opens: 24/7

Makers of Barcelona (MOB) – Born, Eixample, Sant Antoni

What’s it like? MOB might not be the new kid on the block any more, but it is the space that kicked off the coworking trend in Barcelona. With free events, training academies and a collaborative workspace, it has everything you could need in a coworking space.

Flex: €135

Website: Makers of Barcelona (MOB)

Address: Carrer de Bailén 11; Avenida F. Cambó, 17; Ronda de Sant Pau 47

Opens: 24/7

Maui Beach Coworking – Poblenou

What’s it like? Maui Beach coworking offers a workspace, photo studio, and a number of activities – including Stand up paddle boarding, Thai and sports massage, as well as yoga classes. We love that it has a cocktail bar too, because who doesn’t want mojitos at work? It’s right by the beach, hence all the fun.

Flex: €125

Website: Maui Beach

Address:  Carrer del Perelló, 74

Opens: 24/7 (in the Maui 1 location)

Moda 22 Makers – @22 Poblenou

What’s it like? This is a maker-space and incubator, more than a coworking office. Offering workshops, incubation services and mentorship, this is an ideal starting point for young designers hoping to start a business. It even features an integrated factory.

Flex: €250

Website: Moda22Makers

Address: Carrer Llull 48, 5-4

Opens: 9am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday

MeetBCN – Eixample

What’s it like? MeetBCN has a range of private offices, meeting rooms and a coworking space. Its services include receptionist, free meeting room space, workshops and networking.  

Flex: €292

Website: MeetBCN

Address: Rambla de Catalunya 125, 3º 2ª

Opens: 24/7

Monday – Tibidabo, Barceloneta, Eixample

What’s it like? Everyone loves Mondays, right? Well, this coworking space certainly has a professional vibe. It offers a modern spaces, with fast internet, phone booths, a terrace and games room – among many other services. Definitely good value for money – and a good place to network and get work done.

Flex: €199

Website: MyMonday

Address: Lluis Muntadas, 8; Pg. Joan de Borbó, 99; Riera de Sant Miquel, 1 BIS

Opens: 24/7

OneCoWork – Plaça Catalunya, Port Vell, Gotic

Here’s OneCoWork! See if you cxan spot the Hubbub Labs team

What’s it like? OneCoWork has three incredible spaces; located directly on the water, Marina surrounded by boats in the heart of Barceloneta. The others are a converted warehouse in Plaça Catalunya with a secret sun-terrace and a light-filled space in the heart of Gothic, next to the Cathedral. Offering a full range of high-quality services, breath-taking design, fast internet, and great networking and community events.

Flex: €195-€210 (Depending on the space)

Website: OneCoWork

Address: Carrer Estruc 9; Carrer Escar 20; Avinguda de la Catedral 6

Opens: 24/7

See more in this Barna Hub interview with OneCoWork CEO Ben Nachoom

Pipoca Coworking – Gotic

What’s it like? A compact space with a meeting room that doubles as a ping-pong court, this is an unusual-looking coworking space. Kitchen, chill out room and hammock at your service. We’re sure its coziness translates to friendliness, but perhaps not one for huge teams. Shared work space and private offices available.

Flex: €150

Website: Pipoca Coworking

Address: Carrer de la Portaferrissa, 8

Opens: 9am – 9pm

Spaces – @22 Poblenou

Image Credit: Coworking Days / Spaces

What’s it like? Space, the international coworking brand, has landed in Barcelona. Offering networking, community, flex spaces and dedicated desks, it has a full range of services for businesses of any size. Free day trials available.

Flex: €233

Website: Spaces Barcelona

Address: Pallars 193

Opens: 24/7

Start2bee – Gràcia

What’s it like? Basic work space with desks and internet use.

Fixed: €155

Website: Start2bee

Address: Carrer de L’Escorial 180; Travessera de Dalt 33; Carrer Albigesos 25-27

Opens: 24/7

Talent Garden Barcelona – Gràcia

talent garden coworking barcelona
Image credit: Coworking Days / Talent Garden

What’s it like? Talent Garden hosts events and is set to launch an innovation school. Choose from a dedicated desk or flexible working. Other features include a kitchen and meeting spaces.

Fixed: €250

Website: Talent Garden Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 239, 3º A

Opens: 24/7

The Foundery – Ciutat Vella

What’s it like? The Foundery offers a large space with natural light and comfortable furniture. There are meeting spaces, wifi, printing and copying facilities, as you’d expect. However, it also offers Fixed Desk members an interesting perk – access to free bicycles – and there are regular events.

Flex: €150

Website: GoFoundery

Address: Plaça Reial 18

Opens: 24/7 (Flex: 9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday)

TransfoLAB BCN – Poblenou

What’s it like? If TransfoLAB BCN revs your engines, it’s probably because it’s based in an old car parts factory. Take in the high ceilings and the vintage décor and get to work in this maker space. It promotes experimentation, innovation and the creative repurposing of trash. Definitely somewhere to check out, if you’re the hands-on type.

Flex €145

Website: TransfoLAB

Address: Carrer Ciutat de Granada 71

Opens:  9.30am – 7.00pm, Monday – Friday

Transforma BCN – Eixample

What’s it like? Promising coworking for heroes, Transform BCN has a bar, restaurant and coworking space. It also promotes a number of events and activities in the space. It’s has a dedicated space for artists and includes a workshop and gallery.

Price range: from €140

Website: Transforma BCN

Address: Consell de cent, 394

Opens: 9am – 9pm

Utopicus – BCN and Madrid

What’s it like? Good for startups and enterprises alike, Utopicus has a number of spaces in Barcelona and Madrid. Expect a full range of services.

Flex: €175

Website: Utopicus

Address: Various, see website

Opens: 24/7

WeWork – BCN

What’s it like? There’s beer on tap in this internationally famous coworking space. Already boasting five spaces in the city, it is equally designed for single entrepreneurs and larger teams.

Flex: €250

Website: WeWork

Address: Various see website

Opens: 24/7

Zamness – Poblenou

What’s it like? A well-appointed stylish space, with regular coworking facilities and kitchen. Glass walls, lots of light,  and plenty of desk space.

Flex: €125

Website: Zamness

Address: Carrer Zamora 46, 4-4

Opens: 9am – 8pm

Did we miss your favourite coworking space? Or has one gone to coworking heaven? Is there a horrible mistake? Let us know in the comments and we’ll gladly update the list.

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